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The 2018 Season Approaches!

Combine Begins

The full recruiting staff of every team in the NFL is arriving in Indianapolis as well as hundreds of college athletes hoping to impress and gain a career in the NFL. We already have some excitement as USC QB Sam Darnold has already announced that he will not throw at the combine and will throw at this pro day instead.

Rules Change Loom on the Horizon

The definition of a pass may change. AGAIN! The NFL rules committee is goning to make changes to the pass completion rules. We can only hope they get it right this time. There were so many nullified passes last year that the committee could not ignore this issue. It is the "going to the ground" portions of the rule that is coming under the microscope. Players made catch after catch and had them over ruled because of some movement of the ball after the catch.

Attention will also shine on the defensive pass interference rule. This is a sticking point for me. Teams work through four quarters of football fighting for inches and then at the end of the game or even on a long third down the quarterback chucks the ball up for grabs and the ball is not caught. BUT, a personal injury foul gives the offensive team the ball at the point where the ball WOULD HAVE been caught. To me that is like waiting until near the end of the game and changing to a throw of dice to determine the outcome of the game. The proposal is to make it more like college. There still will be a penalty but the offensive team will get the ball fifteen yards down field. This change needs to be made and will go a long way toward bringing equal weight to ALL the plays of a game.

Franchise Tag Window is Open

Today marks the opening of the Franchise Tag in the NFL. There are three types of franchise tags in the NFL. The one that we are most used to is the Non-exclusive franchise tag. This tag is a one year offer that is no less than the average of the top five players over the past five years at the position or 120% of the players pervious salary, whichever is greater. The player can negotiate with other teams AND the team that put the tag on him is able to match any of those offers OR take two first round draft picks if the player signs with another club.

The second type of franchise tag is the exclusive franchise tag. The offer is the same as the non-exclusive tag, BUT it is the average of the past one year’s salaries at the players position. The player is not allowed to negotiate with any other team. This tag is reserved for the league’s elite.

The third type of franchise tag is the transition tag. The pay offer here is an average of the top ten players at the position. There is no compensation for the tagging team if the player accepts a position with another team. Each team can use each tag only once. A tag cannot be rescinded and used again.

The salary cap last year was $167 million last year and is expected to move up to $174 - $178. The setting of this number is the jumping off point for the franchise tag numbers. The franchise tag window closes March 6th at 4 PM EST.

2017 - 2018 Season – A Look Back

The National Anthem Controversy

Throughout the season the movement that was started by Colin Kaepernick carried into and through the 2017 – 2018 season. The results of this are unclear currently but many charities and non-profit groups were the beneficiary of the efforts. Many millions were collected and distributed due to this movement. That is a very good thing. There are so many that deserve so much credit. J. J. Watt inspired many to join him in donating millions of dollars. His original goal was $200,000 but in the end, he and his fans collected $33 million. The NFL is donating $100 million to causes designated to promote “social justice”. Chris Long (Defensive End for the Philadelphia Eagles) donated his entire 2017 salary to educational Charities. The list of financial endowments that were created by this movement goes on and on. From a financial viewpoint the movement was a huge success.

NFL attendance and television viewership were down throughout the season as supporters of the National Anthem began to stop going and watching NFL games. This is a result of fans protesting the players sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem.

My view point on this entire issue is the loss of camaraderie between the fans in the seats. When fans sit down next to each other in the stadium or in their local bar prior to this year they would start the conversation off by discussing the team running back or quarterback. It might start with a discussion of the upcoming game. From there the two people may get to know each other and eventually talk about important issues and share their opinions with each other. The two fans may be separated by decades in age. They may be from opposite political positions. They may be different racially. But because of their love of the game they eventually get to know each other and gain mutual respect. People need a place where they can get to know each other.

I totally understand the desire of famous people to use their platform as a megaphone for their favorite causes. I get that there is still so much work to be done in racial profiling and racial prejudice of any kind. I get that patriotic Americans are offended when the National Anthem is disrespected. However, the NFL experience now starts with a confrontation between fans for the same team rather than an embrace over the shared experience of rooting for their teams.

My prayer is that in the coming season fans will unite behind their shared humanity instead if squaring off over their differences. My desire is for people to start with the things they have in common and work their way toward understanding the things on which they differ. Those of you that are offended by the players not standing for the National Anthem, I ask you to stop and listen to the message those players are giving. There STILL is a need for vast improvement in those issues. And those players that choose to kneel or sit during the National Anthem and fans that support those players should take a moment to realize how offensive it is to veterans and patriotic Americans to see THAT moment being used as a platform for political expression. Americans are the best people in the world and most definitely the most Blessed of all. Let us come together and learn from each other.

We Are Up!

We apologize to all for the down time we experienced last week. There are so many factors that go into keeping this site up and running with accurate and current information. I do this because I love the NFL and betting on the NFL. Be sure to register so that you have access to the Predictions page. Thank you for your participation. Please send an email to

NFL Owners Meeting


The length of NFL overtimes has been cut from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. Statistically this will result in more tie games when the final gun is fired. It will, however, take less of a toll on teams that have to come right back and play a Thursday night game.

Touchdown Celebrations

Many of the celebrations that have been banned from the game will return this year. It is now legal to use the offtball as a prop during a celebration. It is now legal to participate with a team mate during a celebration. It is now no longer against the rules to go to the ground during a touchdown celebration.

Raiders Lease Approved

The Raiders lease has been approved. This is a major milestone toward building the new stadium that will house the Raiders in Las Vegas. The lease had already been approved by the Las Vegas Stadium Authority had approved the lease last week.

Super Bowls

The Los Angeles Rams will no longer host the Super Bowl LV in 2021 as the Rams have delayed the completion of their stadium until 2020 due to heavy rains a the beginning of the year (something the state needed more than a football team). Super Bowl LV will now be hosted by Tampa Bay and the Rams will have an option to host Super Bowl LVI in 2022 if they meet all the requirements, one of which is to have been in operation for two years before hosting a Super Bowl. "From our standpoint, we felt this was an appropriate thing to do," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday. "We were fortunate that Tampa had a very competitive presentation when they bid on the Super Bowl earlier [in 2016]. So this was a solution the membership got on very quickly."

Medical Tents

Medical tents will now be on the sidelines for all NFL teams. This will allow quicker medical attention for NFL players by giving them privacy and eseential treatment options right on the field. "We also spent a fair amount of time on health and safety as we normally do," Goodell said. "Dr. [Allen] Sills, our new chief medical officer is here, and he obviously made a presentation to the membership. He's only three weeks into the job, but there are several things that he reported on, including this year we will be using medical examination tents on the sidelines which you may have seen to some extent on the college level. "It's an opportunity for us to have a better examination because it will ensure privacy for a short period of time so doctors can go ahead and make the appropriate diagnosis."

Next Stop NFL Training Camp

NFL training camp begins July 26th at 1 PM EST.

Rookie Mini Camps Begin This Week

Rookie mini-camps being this week. All NFL clubs are allowed to hold a minicamp for their rookies on one of the first two weekends after the draft. They are also allowed to hold one voluntary minicamp for veterans as well. Teams with a new Head Coach are allowed one additional minicamp for veterans. There is no restriction for the number of minicamps they may hold for rookies. The Cowboys and Redskins are the first to start beginning on May 4th, with the latest minicamp beginning June 12th.

2017 NFL Draft From Philadelphia

A Tip of the Hat to Roger Goodell

I must admit before I start this that I am not always a fan of Roger Goodell the Commissioner of the NFL. But I am warming to him a little every year. He was there for the last bargaining agreement. It has been one of the best of all time. It is actually the players fault that he is the final word on everything NFL. They were so focused on other sections of the agreement that I think they all missed that part. He has also handled very difficult issues including spousal abuse, child abuse and drug issues of all kind. I have enjoyed the NFL 2017 Draft very much. Roger Goodell has been wonderful in spite of the constant booing every time he comes on stage. To start the first night of the draft he invited more boos by hollering out "Come on Philly!". Friday night he tried to thank the principals that put together this event but had to do that over the boos of 70,000 fans. In fact when he tried to praise the fans they booed that. Goodell took it good naturedly and said to Jaws "They are booing themselves." My hat is off to your sir, your are a gentleman.

First Round

1) Cleveland - The Cleveland Browns select Myles Garrett as the first overall pick in the NFL draft. The Browns waited as long as possible to make the pick in case another team had an offer they could not refuse. Garrett had 30.5 sacks during his college career.

2) Chicago - The Chicago Bears moved up in the draft to selecr Mitchell Trubisky QB).

3) San Francisco - The San Francisco 49ers picked Solomon Thomas (DE) as the 3rd overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. The 49ers traded to pick Stanford Defensive End Solomon Thomas as they build a monster defense.

4) Jaguars - The Jacksonville Jaguars selected Leonard Fournette (RB) as the 4th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

5) Tennessee - The Tennesse Titans selected Corey Davis (WR) as the 5th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Davis has an ankle injury so he was not able to work out, which is an indication of just how good he is.

6) Jets - The Jets select Jamal Adams (DB) as teh 6th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Adams is the son of New York Giants George Adams.

7) Chargers - The Los Angeles Chargers picked Mike Williams as the 7th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. He is fast and an exciting player. It is a good fit with Phillip Rivers.

8) Panthers - The Carolina Panthers select Christian McCarthy (RB) as the 8th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

9) Bengals - The Cincinatti Bengal select John Ross (WR) as the 9th pick in the NFL Draft. Ross shattered the NFL 40 yard draft time with a 4.22 40 yard draft.

10) Chiefs - The Kansas City Chiefs traded up to get the 10th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. They used it to pick up Patrick Mahomes (QB). This is the second quaeterback selected in a draft that is supposed to be very light on quarterbacks.

11) Saints - The New Orleans Saints select Marshon Lattimore (CB) as the 11th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. He is a physical tough corner and should be a tremendous asset for the Saints.

12) Houston - The Texans have traded up with the Cleveland Browns and have used that pick to select Deshaun Watson (QB). This is the 3rd quarterback selected in the top twelve picks.

13) Cardinals - The Arizona Cardinals select Hasson Reddick (LOLB), a former running back. Reddick is a bit small for linebacker but is quick and athletic.

14) Eagles - The Eagles got this pick as part of the deal to trade Sam Bradford (QB) to the Vikings and used it to pick Derek Barnett (DE). Barnett has good hands and is one of the best defensive lineman to come out of the SEC in a long time.

15) Colts - The Colts picked Malik Hooker (FS)as the 15th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Hooker was good enough for Division One basketball coming out of high school. He redshirted due to depth at his position but once on the field he has been impressive. Hooker had 74 tackles and seven interceptions in 2016.

16) Ravens - The Ravens selected Marion Humphrey (RCB) as the sixteenth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Humphrey's father was a star running back for Tuscaloosa. In high school he was a state champion sprinter and hurdler. He has a lot to learn but his athletic God given talents made him a must have player.

17) Redskins - The Redskins select Jonathan Allen (DE) in the NFL 2017 draft. Allen is a perfect with the Washington REdskins. Allen won the 2016 Chuck Bednarik and Bronco Nagurski Award as the nation's top defender on the nation's top defense in 2016 (69 tackles, 16 TFL, led team with 10.5 sacks). He is not as tall as most NFL teams would like but his credentials are sterling. He would have been a top five pick except for shoulder injuries. When asked about those injuries Jay Gruden said - “We didn’t have any concerns. We talked to Dr. [James] Andrews, he gave thumbs up on him. We feel very good about the injuries…As far as him f alling to us, their were a lot of things that happened in the draft, three quarterbacks went, a couple of receivers went pretty high, a lot of offensive players went that probably not a lot of people expected. So, some of these very good defensive players fell to us and we’re happy.”

18) Titans - The Tennesse Titans select Adoree' Jackson (RCB) as the 18th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. He has a closet full of awards. He has natural talents and has steadily improved in reads and take excellent angles to the runner. He is a good return man and if there is any issue at all it is his size, a bit small by NFL standards.

19) Buccaneers - The Tampa Buccaneers select O. J. Howard (TE). Howard was a hot selection out of high school and started five times as a freshman. His junior year was his breakout year as he caught 38 passes for 602 yards. He has big hands and long arms. If he needs any improvement it is in blocking. He needs to build strength.

20) Broncos - The Denver Broncos selected Garrett Bolles (ROT) as the 20th pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Bolles is the recovery story of the 2017 draft. His father threw him out and Bolles himself says that he was a lost soul. He has used religion and hard work to pull his life together. He has great feet and terrific movement on the line. He is quick enough to get to the edge when necessary. "Most athletic offensive lineman I've done since I took over this area of the country. He's also mean on the field, which you love. I'm projecting him to get stronger once he locks into an NFL strength-and-conditioning program. He's underdeveloped right now. What you see isn't what you are going to ultimately get, in my opinion." -- West area scout for NFC team

20) Broncos - The Denver Broncos selected Garrett Bolles (ROT) as the 20th pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Bolles is the recovery story of the 2017 draft. His father threw him out and Bolles himself says that he was a lost soul. He has used religion and hard work to pull his life together. He has great feet and terrific movement on the line. He is quick enough to get to the edge when necessary. "Most athletic offensive lineman I've done since I took over this area of the country. He's also mean on the field, which you love. I'm projecting him to get stronger once he locks into an NFL strength-and-conditioning program. He's underdeveloped right now. What you see isn't what you are going to ultimately get, in my opinion." -- West area scout for NFC team

21) Lions - The Detroit Lions select Jarrad Davis (ROLB) as the 21st pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Davis needs to work on his skill set as he does not always get directly to his man wasting time on blockers and not always taking the best line to the offensive player he is assigned to. "He's good. I don't care about some of those holes you are talking about. Kill him so maybe somebody will listen to you and he can fall to us. We'll take him." -- AFC executive

22) Dolphins - The Miami Dolphins select Charles Harris (ROLB) as the 22nd pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Harris did not start playing football until his junior year in high school. He obviously made up for lost time. He can play on either sode of the ball and is also able to spin equally well in either direction. "Don't get caught up in his numbers this year. He just didn't mesh with what they asked him to do. He's also got to be coachable and I think he may have fought the changes a little too much. What I saw in 2015 is what I think he's going to be." NFC North regional scout

23)23) Giants - The New York Giants select Evan Engram (TE) as the 23rd pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Engram has godd quickness through the first five yards and can open his hips easily. He has great vertical speed. Needs work at the midfield, not always knowing when to sit on a play and when to work back towards the ball. He is a bit small for a tight end by NFL standards but makes up for it with great athletic ability and runs his routes like a wideout.

24) Raiders - The Oakland Raiders select Gareon Conley (RCB) as the 24th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Conley started every game for the Buckeyes over his junior and senior year. He has good size and length. Conley has outstanding legal issues as a young woman has claimed that he raped her this past April in a Cleveland hotel room. The young lady called 911 and went to the hospital where a rape kit was administered. Conley denies the charges saying they were "ludicrous and ridiculous". He has passed a lie detector test but the charges still loom over him. “I understand the issues involved,” Oakland GM Reggie McKenzie, the reigning NFL executive of the year, told me late Thursday night. “But we did our research, and we read all the reports, and we did more than our due diligence. After all the information we got, we were comfortable with making this choice and confident in who this player is.” "He's not as good as the other cornerback (Marshon Lattimore), but he's a good corner. If he measures over 6-foot and runs in the low 4.4s he will come off the board on Thursday night." -- North area scout for NFC team

25) Browns - The Cleveland Browns select Jabrill Peppers (SS) as the 25th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Peppers had a rough life with his father in jail most of his life and his brother was shot and killed seven years ago. He can play slot, safety or linebacker when needed. He is also a good return man. He should improve greatly in the NFL as Michigan moved him around a lot never letting him move to a higher level at any given position. He will pair nicely with Nick Beasley.

26) Falcons - The Atlanta Falcons traded a third and seventh round pick to move up in the draft to select Takkarist McKinley (RDE) as the 26th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. McKinley was selected by by Cal coming out of hisgh school but did not qualify academically. He has great drive as he relentlessly driving through the offensive tackle he faces. McKinley posed with a picture of his grandmother whom he has promised to make in into the NFL. She passed after he made her that promise. He will pair nicely with Nick Beasley.

27) Bills - The Buffalo Bills select Tre'Davious White (RCB) in the 2017 NFL draft. White is experienced in one on one coverage. He started week three of his rookie year and that was not due to a lack of talent at LSU. He covered Amari Cooper in 2014 and Calvin Riddley in 2015. He returned punts in college scoring a touchdown every year off of those returns. He is a finesse player and is a bit slender by NFL standards. He is not physical enough for run support but can start right away in the slot and will likely start on special teams right away. If you need convincing catch his 60 yard punt return against Jacksonville last year. He had to run out of the arms of a tackler the wrong way for twnety yards before making the U Turn and running that ball 80 yards for a touchdown.


28) Cowboys - The Dallas Cowboys select Vidauntae "Taco" Charlton (RDE) as the 28th pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Charlton has steadily improved throughout his college career gaining playing time and imporiving his stats through the process leading Michigan in sacks (9.5). He needs to improve his strength which we all know will can be handled with modern weight training techniques. But he will have to step up his attitude and "meanness" on his own.

29) Browns - The Cleveland Browns traded their 33rd and 108th picks to Green Bay to get this pick. They useed it to take David Njoku (TE) as the 29th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Njoku is athletic with well defined musculature and has room on his frame for another ten pounds. He has good strength and likes to block (which he does well). Once he starts working in the NFL weight rooms he will gain the size he needs in a body that is still growing and maturing. He will not be 21 until July of this year.

30) Steelers The Pittsburgh Steelers selected T. J. Watt (ROLB) as the 30th pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Watt is the third of the Watt brothers to move to the NFL after his junior year. He uses his arm extension on his man and then uses a push / pull technique to upset their balance. He does not yet have the explosion and quickness to turn the corner on the pass rush. He is already strong and will only get stronger with NFL training techniques. He always has him brother J. J. Watt as a resource as he makes the transition into the NFL.

31) 49ers - The San Francisco 49ers traded their 34th pick and their 111th pick to move up and select Reuben Foster (ROLB) as the 30th pick the 2017 NFL draft. Foster won the Butkus award. He has the athleticism to play the position but will need to be coached up. This is a bit of a gamble as he has not played since his shoulder surgery.

32) Saints - The New Orleans Saints trade Brandin Cook (WR) to the Patriots for the 32nd pick in the 2017 NFL draft. They used that pick to get Ryan Ramczyk (LOT). Ramczyk is good enough to stay on the left side according to analysts. He had a hip injury that resulted in surgery after the bowl game. He is considered good enough to play right away which is important as Zach Strief is their current starter and he is 34 years old.

Second Round

1) Packers - The Green Bay Packers traded with the Cleveland Browns to get the first pick in the second round of the 2017 NFL draft. They used it to select Kevin King (RCB). King is tall for a corner (6' 3") and he has a talent for working the wideout toward the sideline using the sideline as a second defender. He allowed just one touchdown in his last 101 coverages. On the negative side he is not as quick or fast as one would like and since he is tall he does have a high center of gravity.

2) Jaguars - The Jacksonville Jaguars select Cam Robinson (ROT) as the 2nd pick of the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Robinson has many good attributes. He was the Freshman All American. He is proportional, strong and can move the defender off his spot and move him, clearing a hole. On the negative side he was arrested with a team mate for having a stolen gun and marijuana. He also has some balance issues and can be moved by a hogh motor defender.

3) Seahawks - The Seattle Seahawks select Malik McDowell (RDT) as the 3rd pick in the second round of the 2017 NFL draft. McDowell could have gone anywhere out of high school but chose East Lansing. He played some in his freshman year but started as a sophmore he collected 13 tackles for a loss and 4.5 sacks. He is big and athletic and very supple for a big man. He has been able to overcome bad footwork and weak technique with his athletic strength. Hopefully the Seahawks can coach him up on technique. "He has a chance to be a dominant player in our league. I mean dominant. It hasn't turned on for him all the way yet but if it does, he could be like Mario Williams. He's just a little lazy and I worry about whether he is going to be a self-starter." -- NFC North area scout

4) Cardinals - The Arizona Cardinals select Budda Baker (SS) as the 4th pick in the 2nd round of the NFL draft. Baker is explosive and has excellent technique. He drives through receivers often jarring the ball loose, is a good tackler and likes to tackle. On the negative side he is smallish for the NFL struggling to get to 200 pounds. "I would leave him as a centerfielder and then roll him down over the slot if you needed too. He's too small to cover tight ends, but he's got great instincts in coverage which is why he should shine as a single-high." - NFC area scout

5) Bills - The Bufallo Bills moved in the draft with a trade to move up seven spots in the draft to select Zay Jones (RWR) as the 5th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Jones comes from a football family as his father played Robert played linebacker and went to three Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys while his uncle Jeff Blake played quarterback in the NFL for fourteen years. Jones is an all time Football Subdivision receptions leader. He has no problem catching the ball when he knows he will be hit and punished. He has good character and when he has to go up to get the ball he usually comes down with it. On the down side he does not have great play speed. He posted a 4.55 40 at the combine.

6) Chargers - The Los Angeles Chargers select Forrest Lamp (ROG) as the 6th pick in the 2nd round of the NFL draft. Lamp is athletic and compact. "He's the real deal. If he can snap, you could get away with playing him all up and down the line. Great feet, strong, smart." -- AFC executive

7) Jets - The New York Jets select Marcus Maye (SS) as the 7th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Maye has the build of a safety and has good instincts tracking and predicting the play. This gives him a jump on the play.

8) Panthers - The Carolina Panthers select Curtis Samuel (RWR) as the 8th pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Samuel has played several positions in college and will likely be assigned to the wide receiver position in the NFL.

10) Saints - The New Orleans Saints select Marcus Williams (SS) as the 10th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Williams (at 6' 1" and 202) likley needs to add some weight, but the Saints training program should help with that.

11) Eagles - The Philadelphia Eagles select Sidney Jones (RCB) as the 11th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Everything about this young man is good. Great punch off the line and good speed, could bulk up. He tore his Achiles Tendon at the combine, so he will have to undergo extensive rehab.

12) Rams - The Los Angeles Rams traded with the Vikings to move up from 48 to 41 in order to draft Gerald Everett (TE) as the 12th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Everett needs to sharpen his toure running but that is understandable. He started playing basketball, moved to another college that dropped football the year after he moved there so he has had no continuity in training. "He's got all the tools. He could end up being one of the top pass catching tight ends in the league. There is question about whether he can handle a full playbook, but I think that is overblown. Cut him loose and let him make a bunch of plays." -- AFC area scout

13) Bears - The Bears traded with the Cardinals to get this pick and they used it to select Adam Shaheen (TE). Shaheen is one of many tight ends to come from basketball to get to the tight end position. In his first year as a football player he caught 2 passes for for 85 yards. After that it was Katy bar the door ending up last year with 16 touchdowns and 57 receptions for 867 yards. He is a big man with foot quickness. He is not the best blocker and will need to be coached up as he has used his size and strength to win over smaller players. That will not work in the NFL.

14) Colts - The Indianapolis Colts select Quincy Wilson (RCB) as the 14th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Wilson has the perfect size and speed for the position. "He may not be that clean with his coverage but I would rather go to war with him over (Teez) Tabor any day. He's big and he's tough. Tabor has more talent but Wilson just has to find the right spot because he's got the mindset to be a pro player." -- AFC executive

15) Ravens - The Baltimore Ravens select Tyus Bowser (ROLB) as the a5th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Bowser planned on finishing college football with a big year bur got into a fight with a team mate and broke his orbital bone and missed a month of football. He is explosive and quick and listened to his coaching and improved his defense against the run. He played two years of basketball at Houston which shows in his movement. He is a little small to handle the edge. "He's got all the athletic traits and explosiveness and none of the consistency of production you want. I still think you are kind of gambling on him if you take him too high but it's going to be really hard to pass on the athlete after what he's done this postseason." -- NFL general manager

16) Bengals - The Cincinnatti traded with the Bills and pick Joe Mixon (RB) as the 16th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Mixon spent one year suspended from the game for punching a woman student. He missed a game last year for disrespecting a parking attendant for giving him a ticket. He can be too patient waiting for a hole to develop. He would have gone much higher if not for the off field issues. "I'm not going to talk about any character issue because every team has to go through and make their own decisions. As a player, he can play all three downs but he's not going to create for himself like Fournette or Cook. But he can also have an impact on the passing game that they can't have. I see him as a top-40 player. Obviously, he won't go there." -- NFC North area scout

17) Redskins - The Washington Redskins select Ryan Anderson (ROLB) as the 17th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Anderson has done everything he was asked to do and is very professional in his demeanor. He is a winner with a good football IQ. He was not blessed with the athletic skills of others bu makes up for that with hard work and discipline. "Size is more suited for 4-3 SAM but he could play some rush outside backer in a 3-4. He would fit Baltimore and Pittsburgh as a 3-4 SAM, too." -- NFC area scout

18) Buccaneers - The Tampa Buccaneers select Justin Evans (SS) as the 18th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Evans is a tremendous athlete pitching for the baseball team and playing receiver and back in high school. He needs to learn to balance his vision between the player and the football. "His interception against UCLA at the beginning of the year was one of those plays that not many safeties can make. But I'm worried about his missed tackles. Hard hits are great for Sportscenter or YouTube but getting guys to the ground is top priority." -- Front-office executive for AFC team "He'll hit you, but he'll also miss some tackles. He's a very aggressive guy. It's all-or-nothing when he comes to tackle and he also has good range on the back end. When you look at Tampa Bay, Justin Evans comes in, competes day one and ends up being their starting free safety." -- Mike Mayock

19) Broncos - The Denver Broncos select DeMarcus Walter (RDE) as the 19th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NDL draft. Walter started three games out of twelve in his freshman year. He got there by starting a semester early so that he could go through spring training. He was named a first team All American and first-team All ACC player. He got 25 sacks in his last two seasons.

20) Browns - The Browns select Garrett Bolles as the 20th pick11 in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Bolles had troubled teenage years but overcame that with religion and hard work. He has excellent athletic ability and "sweet feet". "He plays with a nasty edge. I just think his football IQ has to continue to develop. Too many penalties, takes some bad angles. But as far as talent as a left tackle, he can play." -- Mike Mayock "Most athletic offensive lineman I've done since I took over this area of the country. He's also mean on the field, which you love. I'm projecting him to get stronger once he locks into an NFL strength-and-conditioning program. He's underdeveloped right now. What you see isn't what you are going to ultimately get, in my opinion." -- West area scout for NFC team

21) Lions - The Detroit Lions select Teez Tabor (RCB) as the 21st pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. Tabor has good size and is athletic. "With Vernon (Hargreaves) there last year he played with a lot more confidence. I don't think he's a lockdown cornerback. He's a good football player and can cover in our league, but he's also going to be a pain in the ass for whoever takes him." -- AFC Southest area scout "Teez Tabor's a good football player. ... He ran poorly, but that doesn't matter at this point. Think about what Detroit is doing: Darius Slay on one side, D.J. Hayden was signed. Tabor's going to come in and compete." -- Mike Mayock

22) Dolphins - The Miami Dolphins select Raekwon McMillan (ROLB) as the 22nd pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft. McMillan graduated early from high school in order to join OSU spring practice. "I see him as a backup early on who will become a starter at SAM (strong-side) for a 4-3 team. He's been pretty productive but I don't see anything special." -- South area scout for NFC team "There were some questions about his athleticism, but then he shows up at the combine and ran much faster than any one had anticipated. ... They bring in Lawrence Timmons as a free agent, they re-sign Kiko Alonso and now they have just brought in McMillan to get those linebackers all square away in Miami." -- Daniel Jeremiah/p>

23) Giants - The New York Giants select Dalvin Tomlinson (RDT) as the 23rd pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Tomlinson had the academic ability to go to Harvard but selected Alabama for the football program. He lost both of his parents. "I don't know how he flew under the radar so long because he is a dude. If you liked those guys from last year (Jarran Reed and A'Shawn Robinson), no reason you won't like this one." -- AFC South area scout "You saw last year what Damon Harrison gave the Giants inside and here comes Dalvin Tomlinson. When I watched the Clemson game this year, Dalvin Tomlinson was the best player on the field for Alabama. Very consistent. Stout at the point of attack. Can give you some pass rush inside and collapse the pocket." -- Charles Davis

<24) Raiders - The Las Vegas Raiders select Obi Melanfonwu (SS) as the 24th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 NDL draft. Melanfonwu started all four years at UConn. He has great size and athleticism. "He's a freak. He's going to blow away the combine. He's fast and will post some of the best vertical and broad numbers at his position. He's going to get a lot better in the pros and he has that elite size that will get him overdrafted." -- AFC Pro Personnel Director "Now we're getting into the freak zone. He's a genetic freak. I thought his tape was really solid. What I like is he's a matchup player. ... His movement skills for his length, his ability to get in and out of breaks, his tackling, he's got first-round talent all-day long." -- Mike Mayock

League Meeting Completed

The Raiders move to Las Vegas was a 31 -1 vote so get used to calling them the Las Vegas Raiders, but not his season according to Roger Goodell.

Gone are those exciting leaps over the nose tackle and long snapper on extra points and field goals. It is no illegal to leap. There are some good memories on the NFL web site as Dan Hanzus reviews some of the great leaps in the history of the game.

9) Vikings - The Minnesota Vikings traded the 48th and 128th overall pick to the Buffalo Bills in order to get Dalvin Cook (RB) in the 2017 NFL draft. Cook broke the 1,000 yard barrier in his first season with Florida State. From there he improved each year finishing the 2016 season with 1,756 yards. Cook has had hamstring issues and three shoulder surgeries. He's also had run-ins with the law, starting in high school (robbery in 2009, charges dropped; firing and possessing a weapon on school property in 2010, charges drooped) and then again in 2015, where he was charged with misdemeanor battery outside a bar (found not guilty). He also has a tendency to bounce outside a bit early as his succes has come outside. He is not a strong inside runner.

NFL League Meeting This Week

Raiders Move to Las Vegas

One of the top topics under discussion this week at the owners meeting will be the move of the Raiders to Las Vegas. The league narrowed things down last year when they approved the move of the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles. They gave the Chargers the option of moving to Los Angeles if things did not work out for them in San Diego. The Raiders were left to fend for themselves. Well, the Chargers could not get support in San Diego so they took the option and are going to share the facility with the Rams in Los Angeles. The Raiders were unable to get support in Oakland and have worked diligently with investors and Las Vegas city officials. They now have everything in place including funding from Bank of America. So at this point the fate of the Raiders lies in the hands of the owvners.

Now at the last minute Oaklnad has decided to step up. "We're not giving up in the fourth quarter," Schaaf said in a statement. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf announced that the City of Oakland Has plans for a stadium that would be built in the same location as the current Coliseum site. It would be a $1.3 billion facility and would hold 55,000 people. On the financial side, the New York hedge fund Fortress Management Group is willing to work on terms for a $600 million contribution similar to the one Bank of America is offering for the Las Vegas stadium, Schaaf's letter said. This proposal would have the City of Oakland funding $200 million of the project with the Raiders coming forward with $500 million.

NFL Hall of Famer ronnie Lott is heading this drive to keep the Raiders in Oakland. "To rip this team away from Oakland for a second time would be heartbreaking and entirely unnecessary given that we have a viable option on the table that keeps them here and helps this community and the team grow," Lott said in a statement. "We have a sophisticated financial partner in Fortress. We have done the due diligence, and it is clear that the only fully-financed, ready-to-roll option for the Raiders is in Oakland."

New York Jets Owner

Our congratulations to Jets owner Woody Johnson. He has been appointed United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom by President Donald Trump. Woody Johnson will probably announce at the meeting that his brother Christopher Wold Johnson and President Neil Glat will take over day to day decisions for the Jets.

Kevin Colbert Passes on Owners Meeting

Pittsburgh Steelers General Manager will not attend the meeting in Arizona as he continues to prepare for the 2017 NFL Draft.

Improved Viewing for TV and Stadium Fans

Roger Goodell has already been talking about changes to the scheduling of certain events on the field as we have run up to the NFL Winter Meeting. “Consistently, we heard from fans that we can improve in two key areas: the flow and pace of the game, and commercialization and the number of unnecessary disruptions to the game on the field,” Goodell wrote.

One change they are considering to address these issues is to provide a tablet to the Head Official on replays so that fans do not have to wait for the parade to the booth as we have done in recent years. the official will be able to address the contested play almost immediately and remain in his position on the field. The on field official will work in tandem with a League Official in New York. The League Official in New York will have the final say if there is a dispute between the two officials. “This should improve consistency and accuracy of decisions and help speed up the process,” Goodell wrote.

Another change will be to have a play clock between extra points and the kickoff. Currently that time has been used by the networks to shove another couple of commercials into the broadcast. This rule would insure that plays move quickly to the next series of downs. This will be quite an improvement for the fans and quite a change for the coaches on both sides of the field as they will have to prepare quickly to staff the field and prepare plays for the next series of downs.

Keep Your Feet On the Ground

The defense will no longer be able to "jump the line" on field goals. Currently players can jump over the players on the line so long as they do not touch anyone or use a body in front of them for leverage. This rule chanve is to promote player safety.

Shorter Overtime Quarters

This rule change would call for a shorter fifth quarter in the event of an over time game. The fifth quarter would be shortened from fifteen minutes to ten minutes. This would not affect overtimes in playoff games.

Immediate Rejection

Speaking of safety, another rules proposal would make certain types of hits and plays cause for immediate ejection. Another would give more protection to wide receivers, who would receive “defenseless player” designation at the start of their route.

Ratification of Rules Tested in 2016

Last year the league tested placig the ball on the twenty-five yard line for a touchback instead of the twenty.

Last year the league also tested automatic efections for a player receiving a second unsportsman like conduct flags in the same game. Both are expected to pass.

Raiders Financing In Place

The Raiders lost Sheldon Adelson a month ago and things were not looking so good for the move to Las Vegas. This is a big issue since the Chargers were the Golden Child and got the option to stay in San Diego or move to Los Angeles. They could not get support for their city so they are moving to Los Angeles to share a stadium with the Los Angeles Rams.

The Raiders now have a commitment from Bank of America. This is a major step removing any doubt as to the financial viability. Now it is up to the league to approve this move. There should be no question as to the move on the grounds of gambling. Las Vegas is miles ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to gambling regulations. Any argument to the contrary is specious. Fans are betting on every game in every state, illegally. Nevada was the only state to classify Fantasy Football as gambling. They forced the national company to pay all winners and return the money to all the losers. Gambling only occurs in the state of Nevada after all the principals have gone through vetting by the Gaming Control Board. And the principals have to pay for that! Goodell may block this is he can find a way. In the end it will be up to the owners to decide. This could come as soon as March and no later than May of this year.

Illegal Tampering Day

Today is the day during which management can talk to other teams and players about a POSSIBLE deal. No one can pull the trigger, but conversations can begin. All the Free Agents and all the teams needing a player can go ahead and talk to each other.

John Ross Sets the 40 Record

Wide Receiver John Ross ran a 4.22 fourty dash this past weekend. This gives him the all time NFL record for the fourty yard dash. Ross was on one of Snoop Dogg's Pee Wee player. He played with Snoop's kids starting at the age of nine. In his first gane he ran for three touchdowns and 165 yards. Ross went on to play college ball and was already a top pick this year before showing off his lightening speed. He will undoubtedly go in the first round. "I'm just thankful beyond measure, blessed and just really happy to be in this situation," Ross told NFL Network's Michael Irvin about breaking the record, "because two years ago, I was sitting on the couch for the whole season, torn ACL, and now to be in this position, I'm really thankful." Ross caught 81 passes for 1,150 yards and 17 touchdowns for the Pac-12 champion Huskies last year, and is one of three receivers frequently projected as potential first-round picks in the draft, along with Western Michigan's Corey Davis and Clemson's Mike Williams.

Combine Interviews

These are good stuff. Bruce Arians went of for quite a long interview. It was a very good interview. He talks aobut where the team is aas well as very interesting discussions about the NFL and other coaches in general. Try and catch it if you can. This morning it is posted on the NFL web site.

Doug Pederson also spoke and his interview is also available on This is a terrific time to hear the philosophy and intentions of each Head Coach. He talked about Jamaal Charles and apparently Darren Sproles has found a home. Sproles has been a valuable addition to every team he has played for yet has moved all around the NFL. Coach Pederson says that he will remain a Chief.

Andy Reid spoke about his roster and gave a little extra attention to Travis Kelce. Reid is always interesting. I haven't found a stream of his interview but I will be looking for it and let you know if I find it.

It was very interesting to listen to new 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan talk about the play calling in the 2016 NFL Super Bowl. Once again I have not found the streaming video but when I do I will post the location. You should be recording the NFL channel this week. These interviews are really good stuff showing what the broad plans are for each team.

Head Coach Todd Bowles revelaed that the arrest of Darrelle Revis was not affected by his arrest last month.

NFL Dates

Franchise Tags

Teams have until 4 PM today (March 1st) to put the franchise tag on players.

Free Agency "Legal Tampering Period"

Between and including March 7th through March 9th teams may talk to all free agents without permission from anyone. If you think you have seen some big contracts this year just hang on for a week. More money will flow during those three days than at any time in the year.

Beginning of the League Year

The 2017 NFL season officially begins on March 9th at 4PM. This means exactly what it sounds like. Among other things teams must comply with the CAP limit by this date. All Free Agency deals become official.

Franchise Tag Signing Date

By July 7th all players that have gotten the franchise tag must have worked out a deal or they must sign the franchise tag agreement.


Today marks the opening of the combine for the 2017 NFL season. Coverage begins on the NFL channel at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time. This is your chance (along with every NFL executive and coach) to see the new talent that hopes to be coming into the NFL through the draft. Michigan ties the record for the number of players coming from one college with fourteen total players coming to the Combine this year. NFL reporter Jane Slater is on site and had some interesting facts to relate regarding Jabrill Peppers. He will enter the combine as a line backer. He has played eleven positiong with Michigan including quarterback and kick returner. There are many stories in the 2017 combine and we will bring as many as we can to you. We will have a page devoted to the combine with the results of all players. Tomorrow we will begin hearing from NFL coaches starting with new Denver Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph. Later in the day we will hear from 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan. On Thursday we will hear from Sean McVay, the new Head Coach for the LA Rams. Later that day we will get to hear from 49er's new General Manager John Lynch.

So we will be seeing and hearing from new entry level NFL players as well as new coaches througout the league. This is the time when we get prepared for the draft and the coming season. This week we will be able to see the stars of tomorrow. I am pumped, are you?

Hall of Fame Game

I don't usually talk about the HOF game this early but I'm jonesing for a game. The Dallas Cowboys will face the Arizona Cardinals on August 3rd 2017.


The NFL combine will be held March 2nd through March 5th. Check in with us regularly and we will be publishing the chose few who get this opportunity. The combine is always exciting and you get the chance to see the physical strengths of each player as they move through each step in the combine. If you follow the combine, you will be that much better prepared for the draft. What does you team need? Who is available in the draft? These are all questions that we and everyone interested in the NFL will be trying to answer. Click on the link below to download the 2017 Combine information.

2017 Combine Information

Parade Day!

Today the entire Patriot's fan base will no doubt show up responding to Tom Brady's twitter invitation for all to dance in the streets to celebrate the Super Bowl win.

The Morning After

Does Brady have all the records now? It almost seems so. We all heard Troy Aikman and Joe Buck say that no one had ever come back from fourteen points down in a Super Bowl. So the Patriots come back from an even worse position. He has it all now. He has five rings. During the pre-game interview with Terry Bradshaw Brady was asked if he would hang it up if he won. Brady said "Hell No!" And it was obvious that Bradshaw was OK that Brady was taking sole pssession of most Super Bowl wins for a quarterback. In fact as he handed the Lombardi Trophy to Head Coach Bill Belichick Bradshaw announced that he was the greatest Head Coach in the history of the game. He gave the same compliment to Tom Brady naming him the greatest quarter back of all time.

Robert Kraft Gets Revenge

It was apparent how Robert Kraft felt about Roger Goodell as Goodell awarded him the trophy. Kraft was polite but said not a word as Goodell handed him the trophy. And as soon as Kraft got his hands on the mike he made all but a direct reference to the Deflagate controversy. The crowd was in complete agreement with Kraft booing through Googell's speech.

Records Fall In Super Bowl VI

The Patriots came back from the greatest Super Bowl deficit ever.

This is the first over time victory in the history of the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady has more Super Bowl rings than any other quarterback.

President and First Lady Bush

What a delight to see Barbara and President Bush furing the opening ceremonies. Just days ago they were both in the hospitalm

Lady Gaga Scores!

In keeping with everything else Lady Gaga provided what was arugably the best Super Bolw Half Time show in history. Starting high atop the stadium she completely entrusted her life to the riggers. She flew down from the top of the stadium singing like a bird. She is one of the most accomplished entertainers performing today. Everything about the shoe was wonderful. Congratulations Lady Gaga!

Super Bowl Sunday

It all starts early around this house. I dry rubbed the St. Louis ribs yesterday and let them set for a day. I got up about three (for some reason I just couldn't sleep) and headed downstairs. I put together some BBQ sauce and let that set while I turned on the TV and fired up the notebook. If you follow the site then you know that I try to log every major move by every player and coach in the NFL. So I start early every day. Today is, of course special. Today is Super Bowl Sunday. It is also the morning we find out who is gpoing into the Hall of Fame this year. So I begin to enter the information into my database which immediately posts to this web site. The fun of this particular annual event is that I get to go back through the careers of seven of the NFL's greatest looking at their careers including their victories as well as their failures.

Going back through Kurt Warner's life was a real treat. And the same goes for the rest of the bunch. You will find an article on each of them in the Daily News section to the right.

Well the oven is on and the ribs are starting a slow bake for the next four hours. That should complete that portion of food preparation for awhile as I move back to the living room to continue with this article as well as the rest of the updates for the other 20 teams in the league as they prepare for the draft and free agancy issues.

Brent Musberger

Thank you sir for your years of broadcasting excellence. His offical release - “What a wonderful journey I have traveled with CBS and the Disney company,” Musburger said. “A love of sports allows me to live a life of endless pleasure. And make no mistake, I will miss the arenas and stadiums dearly. Most of all, I will miss the folks I have met along the trail. But the next rodeo for me is in Las Vegas. Stop by and we’ll share a cold one and some good stories. I may even buy!”

Super Bowl Set

Well, we have out Super bowl matchup. And what a matchup it is!

It is never a surprise when we see the Patriots in the lineup for a Super bowl. And indeed, here they are again. They started the season with Tom Brady riding the bench with a four game suspension. They managed to win three of those games and when he came back to the turf, Brady was at his best. Then Rob Gronkowski went to injured reserve with back issues. So they did not get to take the easy route to the big game. They rose above adversity to get there. And they seemed to get better and better as the season moved along. Brady has reached the point in his career where everything he does creates a new record. Yesterday he set a new franchise record for passing yards in a playoff game and was instrumental in Chris Hogan gaining the franchise reception record. Two years ago he broke or tied NINE records in the Super Bowl.

The Patriots will face the Atlanta Falcons who have taken a long twisted path to the playoffs this year. I am not talking about this season. The Falcons made this season look easy. I am talking about the twisted path that owner Arthur Blank had to take starting in 2006 when Michael Vick was charged with illegal dog fighting and other related charges. Simultaneously with that Head Coach Bobby Petrino resigned on December 10, 2007 leaving notes on the player’s lockers announcing his retirement. Arthur Blank went to work. He hired Mike Smith in 2008 and they began to assemble a consistent winning team. But they could never get over the top and finally Blank had to move Smith out of the Head Coach position at the end of the 2014 season. During that time they compiled a 51 and 21 record, a terrific record considering the mess that Smith inherited.

Blank then hired Dan Quinn in 2015. Quinn went 8 and 8 in 2015. This year they lost five games but Matt Ryan assembled terrific statistics while the offensive line has played together every game. Add Julio Jones to the mix and they turned into a scoring machine.

So we will see the Patriots and the Falcons in the Super Bowl this year. The game should be a high scoring affair that I am looking forward to with great anticipation.

NFL Pro Bowl

The NFL Pro Bowl will be held in Camping World Stadium in Orlando Florida this Sunday (January 29th) at 5 PM PST and will be shown on ESPN. There will be many new activities that include drones dropping footballs from the sky during the opening ceremony. The Pro Bowl Skills Challenge starts at 2 PM PST and is also on ESPN. This should be fun to watch. We have all heard about the "Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball". There will also be Power Relay Challenge, Precision Passing and Best Hands. Don't be too critical, this truly is for fun and I am sure there will be some amazing moments as we are going to be watching premiere athletes. There is no pressure on the players or the fans. Just kick back and watch!

Happy New Year To You All


Metaphor for the Season?

The Minnesota Vikings landed in Green Bay but needed more runway as the plane slid off the end of the runway. The team had to stay on the plane for an extended time. It was so late the team cancelled the team meeting, grabbed a bite and went to bed. This is certainly not the way any team wants to run up to game day, especially on a short week. The team almost seems jinxed.

Philadelphia Holds off the Giants

We had this game at Eagles 25 - Giants 20 so we were only off by one point on each team. Last week we went twelve and four against the line.

Dallas Defense Steps Up

Janoris Jenkins (RCB) of the GIANTS had a career game last night against the Dallas Cowboys. Jenkins manned up against Dez Bryant (WR) and held him to no catches all game until the 4th quarter when Dez caught and then fumbled the ball. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (RCB) of the GIANTS played an outstanding game last night. He and the rest of the Gaints secondary shut down the Dallas Cowboys passing game last night. All this and Jason Pierre Paul was out this game due to surgery on a sports hernia.


Take a few minutes and check out Tackle My Ride. The show blends two of my favorite things. You all know that I am all NFL all the time. But when I get a minute for something else I can't resist all of the car shows. From Chip Foose and Overhaulin' to Dave Kindigit and Bitchin Rides, I watch them all. Well, Michael Strahan and the NFL channel have come together and built a thirty minute show that encompasses all of the NFL and all of the car show world. But the best part is that the car is built for a fan that is giving back to his community. This is a must watch. But just for fun! Good people doing nice things for other people who are doing nice things for.. Oh hell, you get it. It's all good!

Week Eleven Predictions Released

The New York Giants hang on to win another close NFL game.

The Packers drop another game. Is Mike McCArthy worried about his job?

Seattle shocks the Patriots at home.

Trevor Siemian has won another game for the Broncos yet talking heads still discuss whether he can take the Broncos all the way this year.

Seattle holds on to beat New England by a touchdown.

Dallas and Pittsburgh exchange the lead seven times in Sunday's game...

Is the AFC West the toughest Division in the NFL?

NFL Season Reaches the Mid Point

Atlanta (5 and 3) is the league scoring leader.

Minnesota (5 and 2) is the league scoring defensive leader.

Atlanta (5 and 3) is the passing leader.

Minnesota (5 and 2) is the defensive passing leader.

Buffalo (4 and 4) is the offensive rushing leader.

Green Bay (4 and 3) has the best defense against the rush.

OT in the OK!

OVERTIME: Neither team seems able to put this one away as the ball changes hands back and forth. In fact the Redskins missed a 34 yard field goal to avoid winning the game with 2:13 left in over time. Not to be out done the Bengals give the ball back with a fumble. It was a good head to head battle and it ends in a tie exactly as I had precicted.

Up at 6:00 AM PST to catch the Bengals Redskins game. I've enjoyed these games...

The Vikings are no longer undefeated...

Cardinal and Seahawks cannot decide the game winner...

AFC West is shaping up to be the toughest division...

London Game

Landon Collins (SS) of the GIANTS returned an interception for a touchdown. Officially it was a maybe a forty five yard return. Collins must have run close to one hundred yards as he ran back and forth across the field evading tadklers and juking players left and right. Beautiful play.

Carson Palmer looked great last night when the protection held up.

Tyrann Mathieu played like he was never off the field last night. That was a beautiful interception in the fourth quarter.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval signed a bill today paving the way for the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas.

I have become a big fan of Monday Night Countdown. It has always been a good show. Chris Berman is a hoot to begin with. But over the years it has refined itself. The current format has a guest that sits with Chris Berman on the set and we cut back and forth to them and the guys on the field. This week the guest is none other than Broadway Joe Namath. He looks great and made very cogent points during his time on the camera.

All the talk is on Dak Prescott and most of it revolves around whether the Cowboys will Dak Prescott keep the job after Tony Romo is healthy? I like the Jerry Jones approach. That little wink he gave says it all. It is a very nice problem to have as problems go.

The Raiders missed a great opportunity this past weekend. Had they held on to win they would have doubled down on Denver.

Colin Kaepernick had one good half yesterday…

Minnesota undefeated...

Week One

Patriots and Arizona

Brady is out for this game as well as the next three. Except for the number on his shirt it would be hard to tell it wasn't Brady on the field. Jimmy Garoppolo played an outstanding game and the team held on for a two point win. It was not easy as David Johnson played a great game at running back with one almost unbelievable run that allowed the Cardinals to pull ahean late in the game. Larry Fitzgerald was great and has started what he says is his last year with a great start.

Raiders at the Saints

The Raiders travelled to New Orleans and played a tough game against the Saints. Drew Brees turned in his usual spectacular performance throwing for 480 yards and four touchdowns. Derek Carr stepped up and turned in a good performance of his own throwing for 319 yards and one touchdown.

Ali Gone

I had the good fortune to meet The Champ a couple of times. He was always a gentleman and kind in his demeanor. My father was the negotiator that was setting up Ali's last fight in Cairo. Dad was working with Anwar Sadat's wife trying to set up the fight in Cairo, Egypt with the proceeds of the fight going to her charity. There were many late nights and coded messages as we moved closer and closer to an agreement. It would have been a grand event producing benefits to all concerned. However, there was one man standing in the way. He claimed to have a verbal agreement with Ali to broker the fight. When my father realized that the legal battles needed to clear up the issues would involve long legal battles we stepped aside. Ali was already well past his prime and any delays would render the fight into a worthless battle. Of all the Heavyweight Champions that I was priviliged to meet during those years, Ali stood alone as the great fighter and man that he was. He brought so much to boxing. To say that he will be missed is the greatest possible understatement.

Jets Grounded

Last year Geno Smith took one to the jaw that ended his season before it had started. IK Enemkpali was mad at Smith over a $600 airplane ticket. That landed Ryan Fitzpatrick squarely in the starting quarterback position. Fitzpatrick responded to the opportunity by leading the Jets to a 10 and 6 season, missing the postseason by one game.

It seems as if Fitzpatrick is trying to return the favor. He has been offered a $24 million, three year contract and is not signing it. There are problems with the second and third year salaries as outlined by Teddy Mitrosilis of Fox Sports. But contracts in the NFL are written on tissue paper. While Fitzpatrick holds out waiting for an improvement in the second and third year valuation of the contract, Geno Smith is getting all the time in the OTA's. And while doing that he is impressing his team mates. "I definitely agree," Jets safety Calvin Pryor told last week, referring to earlier comments from wide receiver Brandon Marshall that he was proud of Smith. "He's always on time. He's always doing the right things. At first [in previous years], I saw that Geno really didn't talk to too many people. But now he speaks and he goes about things the right way."

Fitzpatrick had a career year last year throwing for 3,905 yards and 31 touchdowns and only 15 interceptions. That is his best year in the NFL. He is right in wanting to parley those performances into a big time contract. But the way he is going about it will do him no good in the end. He is playing his cards as if he has reached his peak and will never be able to perform at that level again. If he believes in himself he should take the $12 million and out perform himself again this year. Yes I said $12 million. The other two years are a moot point. If he doesn't play well this year it doesn't matter what the value of the second two years is. He will be dropped if he does not produce. If, however, he has a great 2016, it STILL doesn't matter what value of the second two years is, he will have earned a renogotiation.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is damaging his own chances and those of the team with this approach. The NFL is the most competitive sport in the world. Every single minute he is not working with the team is time that cannot be retrieved. It is time that Geno Smith is taking advantage of. It is time that is hurting the Jets. It is time to sign Ryan. You have long passed the point of dimishing returns.

Al Jazeera Allegations Investigated

In December of last year Al Jazeera reported that there was wide spread use of HGH (human growth hormone) in the NFL. They specifically called out Peyton Manning, claiming that he took the drug as part of his recovery from neck surgery in 2011. Peyton Manning vigorously denied all aspects of the charges. The league has been investigating these allegations and will now move to the point of speaking to the players mentioned in the Al Jazeera allegations. We have been working with U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and Major League Baseball since these allegations were raised," NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport. "Working with the NFL Players Association, we expect to talk directly to the players sometime next month."

Build a Stadium, Get a Super Bowl

After the decision by the NFL to move the St. Louis Rams back to their original home in Los Angeles, the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers were left with no clear path to a home and a stack of decisions to make.

It is obvious that the NFL wants the Chargers to stay in San Diego. The Chargers will play out the 2016 season in San Diego in the aging Qualcomm Stadium. There are proposals to build a new stadium in San Diego and there will be an initiative on the ballot this November. This plan (called the citizens’ initiative) would require a panoply of tax increases to pay for the stadium. As much as California loves taxes (they must as their citizens are the second highest taxed state in the union), this may be a pill the tax base cannot swallow. So the fate of the San Diego Chargers is very unclear at this moment.

The benefits for building a new stadium are very clear. Yesterday the locations for the next three Super Bowls were released. In 2019 the Super Bowl will be held in Atlanta. This coincides with the completion of the new stadium in Atlanta. It will be a new and unique design including an iris like opening that will open like a camera lens or the human eye. The ceiling takes less than 10 minutes to open. This stadium is scheduled to open in 2017 and has a cost of $1.2 billion.

In 2020 the Super Bowl will be held in South Florida. The Dolphins investment $450 million in improvements during the run up to that game.

In 2021 the Super Bowl will be held in Los Angeles. The St. Louis Rams will open a brand new $2.6 billion stadium. All this comes after the NFL awarded the 2018 Super Bowl to the Minnesota Vikings. You guessed it, the Vikings open a new stadium this season. The team toured the U S Bank stadium yesterday and the stadium is estimated to be 95% complete at this time. U S Bank stadium comes in at a little under a billion dollars.

That leaves the Raiders and their plans of moving to Las Vegas Nevada. Mayor Carolyn Goodman is confident that the Nevada community has a real shot at getting the stadium. "The Raiders will come if Nevada handles this properly," Goodman told ESPN Radio's Capital Games podcast Tuesday. The cost of the proposal is estimated to be $1.4 billion. The Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee has pledged $500 million to the project. The Sands and partners have pledged an additional $150 million.

Jerry Jones is one of the more influential owners in the NFL and he has spoken in glowing terms about the move of the Raiders to Las Vegas. Robert Kraft has also chimed in with favorable comments. There are indications that other teams are on board as well. NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, has not spoken against the move. He did, however, throw a little shade on the proposal yesterday saying that any talk of the Raiders moving to Las Vegas is “premature”.

"I think this has been a very transparent issue," Goodell said about the ongoing struggle for the Raiders to secure a new stadium in Oakland. "I spoke to (Oakland's mayor) last night at 10 o'clock.

Best Interview of Super Bowl Opening Night

Young Austin Denton was given the opportunity to interview Peyton Manning in from of millions of viewers. He threw a couple of well crafted softballs to the NFL great and then tried to sneak in the question everyone wants to hear the answer to by asking Peyton if he would retire. Peyton knew Austin immediately, and complimented him on his attire calling him the best dressed man in the room next to Dieon. Austin handled the interview like a professional, pacing his questions and trying to get the Big Question answered by Peyton. I was rooting for him. If Peyton wanted to announce his coming retirement before the game this would have been the perfect moment.

Austin is a cancer survivor and has been through chemo and radiation therapy. Austin's tumor was discovered when he was two. He has been cancer free for six years. You go Austin! You are already one of the most professional in your chosen field.

Super Bowl 50 Media Day

In keeping with the Roger Goodell "NFL 24 / 7 / 365" approach to the NFL, Super Bowl Media Day is now held at night. More attendees, more viewers, more glita. It was fun to watch. NFL players are not the best stand up comedians, but they think they are. This is the time of the year when everyone opens that old dusty trunk full of cliches and rocks the house trying to say nothing at all. The Normandy invasion had lower security levels and less attempts at misdirection than NFL teams prior to the Big Dance.

"Game Changers with Kevin Frazier"

I have become a fan of "Game Changers with Kevin Frazier". This is a Saturday morning show that is aimed at teenagers but is a good watch for all. This week the Pittsburgh Steelers' great young wide receiver Antonio Brown was featured. The show always shows the ways that players improve both their own and other's lives. If you would like to see more stories about the the good things that professional athletes do then give it a watch. And if you have children or grandchildren watch it with them Saturday Mornings on CBS.

Interesting Playoff Facts

Be sure and listen to John Nasshan on KUNV every weekday afternoon. That's FM 91.5 here in Las Vegas. He will put the pep back in your step and the glide in your stride.

This will be the first time that two Heisman Tropthy winners will face off in a playoff game in the Super Bowl era as Cam Newton (QB) faces Carson Palmer (QB) in the NFC Conference Finals.

The top three offensive scoring teams make it as far as the Conference Finals. What about the other team? Well that would be Denver. THEY are the number one DEFENSE.

Bruce Arians - "No risk it, no biscuit."

This will be the 17th time that Peyton Manning (QB) has face Tom Brady (QB).

Brandon Marshall compares Peyton Manning (QB) to Kobe Bryant in a very negative way. Why Brandon?

This week we see the first and second seeds face off in both conferences. So why go through the whole Wild Card thing? Great football, that's why. Every game in this year's playoffs were good.

Register on this site and get free analysis of all games each week. We have maintained a solid high sixty percent or better all year long. It's free. Try us out!

And Then There Was One

The defeat of the New England Patriots last week by the Eagles there is one undefeated team in the NFL. The Carolina Panthers are the remaining undefeated team in the NFL. The Panthers avoided their first loss by only three points as the Saints showed up this week. In the end the Panthers prevailed with a three point win.

Will We See the Undefeated In the Super Bowl

With the Bengals loss on MNF we have two remaining undefeated teams. Both teams have moderate schedules ahead of them. They each, of course, have the clearest path to the Super Bowl. It would be an interesting matchup.

Chicago Represented

David in San Diego

Long time Chicago fan and handicapper extraordinaire David at the Chargers game.

David in San Diego

And Then There Were Four

Another undefeated team fell this week as the Packers were manhandled by the Broncos. The Broncos played the best defense of the 2015 season playing a tough physical game. This resulted in an average pass of two yards for Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers looked very unhappy throughout the game. And he was unhappy for good reason. He was sacked three times for a total loss of 27 yards.

The Panthers went as close as possible to losing their undefeated status. Cam Newton looked great on several series. The Panthers played with greate confidence. But the Colts fought back and took the game into over time. But in the end the Panthers dodged a bullet and continue as an undefeated team.

Midwest Trip

My wife and I are visiting my in laws this weekend to celebrate my Mother-In-Law's 90th Birthday. She is healthy and sharp as a tack. It has been great fun renewing old friendships and catching up with everyone.

But it's not all fun and games. It is now 8:30 AM on Sunday morning and I have four hours to wait for the first game of normally scheduled NFL football. Fortunately there is the London game to keep me pacified.

These unfortunate souls have to wait until one o'clock on the East Coast just to catch the first kick-off! And now I know Why all the calls I make to New York on Mondays and Tuesdays result in an irritable voice at the other end of the phone. That is because they were up until past midnight watching Sunday and Monday night football.

So thank you to Bud, Melissa, Marylin, Brad and all the wonderful people who stopped by to wish Marylin a happy 90th birthday! But we will schedule our next trip in the off season.

Week Eight Predictions Available

Check us out! Our predictions for Week Eight are pubished now. Login and go to Predictions. The Sports Books will catch up eventually.

Not Your Grandfather's NFC West

Tomorrow night division the rival Seattle Seahawks travel to the San Francisco 49ers. But this will not be the competition we have grown used to recently. BOTH teams are four and two. Yes, there is a three way tie for second place in the NFC West. The line for this game is Seattle minus 6. I have the game at Seattle minus five. The over under is 42 and I have it at 43. No bet for me in this game.

First Quarter of the Regular Season Ends on Bad Call

I'm sure all of you stood straight up when you heard the call of touchback last night when Calvin Johnson fumbled the ball through the end zone. The ball had help going through the end zone as Kam Chancellor punched it through. There is no worse way to lose a ball game than to have a bad call steal the game from you. This play is not reviewable. There is no question that it was Cnahcellor's intention to punch the ball through the end zone. The Lions should have retained possession of the ball and the ball should have been placed at a point half the distance to the goal line from where Calvin Johnson was ruled down. So, once again, the Seattle Seahawks gain a regular season win on a bad call. Except this time there were no replacement officials on the field. Perhaps Goodell should shine his "penetrating" light on his own employees instead of every player and coach that sneezes without saying "Excuse me."

Week Five Predictions are Published

Get an early look at the line. Login and go to the predictios page for the published lines as well as my own predictions.

Week Two Predictions Published

Predictions for the second week of the NFL Regular Season are now published. Register or log in if you already have and account to get the predictions.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

It feels a little like Christmas when I was a child!

Regular Season Predictions Available

The Preseason is in the books and the Regular Season starts this week. Our predictions are available to you when you log in. Registration is free and that is the only way you can get to the predictions.

Brady NOT Guilty

Judge Berman has ruled. All suspsnsions for Tom Brady have been removed. Naturally the NFL is appealing. But Brady will most likely play all of this year.

NFL Pre Season Week Four

This is the final week for "bubble" players to make the team as all teams must move from a 75 man roster to a 53 man roster. All teams have moved to 75 as of Tuesday of this week. So watch for those battles as these games progress. Most of the players cut will not be picked up by another team as this week is all about reducing the size of the roster. E J Manuel (QB) will battle with Matt Cassel (QB) after starting for the Jets last year. Tim Tebow (QB) will struggle against Matt Barkley (QB) as the Eagles cut to 53 men. Montee Ball (RB) is fighting for the fourth position on the Broncos roster.

Now is the time to get an idea of what your team will look like this year. There have already been some huge moves as the Bills declare 5th year quarterback to be their starting quarterback. The Redskins have declared Kirk Cousins (QB) to be their starting quareterback, ending their attempts to forge Robert Griffin III (QB)into an NFL quarterback.

This list goes on and on, so get your nachos and beer ready, kick up your feet and see what the NFL will look like in 2015. Sports Book Junkies will work hard this weekend keeping you up to date on all of the changes. Enjoy the last week of preseason and get ready for the start of the 2015 NFL regular season.

NFL Pre Season Week Three

Traditionally this week we will see first teams on the field for a good portion of this week's play. This gives the teams the best chance to see the first team in action and then give them a week to freshen up before the first game of the regular season.

Cowboys and Rams Would Rather Fight Than Practice

The Cowboys and Rams attempted a joint practice session for the past few days. Half way through the second day of practice, a brawl broke out and spilled out across the field. Virtually every player on each team managed to throw some sort of punch. Sadly most of the blows were cheap shots. Although no one was injured, both teams lost a full day of practice. A case could be made that these two teams need to practice as much as any other team in the NFL. The Rams are trying to work in a new quarterback while the Rams are trying to work in a new running back. These fights will undoubtedly bring an official reaction from the League office.

Frank Gifford Passes

Grank Gifford dies of natural causes at the age of 84 today.

"We rejoice in the extraordinary life he was privileged to live, and we feel grateful and blessed to have been loved by such an amazing human being," his family said in the statement. "We ask that our privacy be respected at this difficult time and we thank you for your prayers."

Brady Still Guilty

Tom Brady's appeal hearing was over before it started, and Tom surely saw this coming. The center of this appeal was the cell phone of Tom Brady. We all knew this and Tom Brady surely did. So why did he destroy the cell phone? This approach did not work for Nixon and it doesn't look like it will work for Clinton and it most certainly did not work for Tom Brady. He will sit for four weeks of the 2015 season as a result of the previous investigation into "Deflate Gate". The original ruling was upheld yesterday when Brady revealed that he had destroyed his cell phone.

Official Ruling.

As expected Brady claims injustice and says that he did nothing wrong. Also, as expected he and his sidekick agent will file today in a Minnesota court. They may ask for a fast track approach to the judge and attempt to get a ruling before the start of the season. As was pointed out by Rappaport, they may slow play this to be sure that the ruling will come after the season so that it will not interfere with the post season play. Either way Tom does not look so terrific today.

Training Camp Is Here

The Vikings and Steelers begin training camp. These two team face each other in Canton in the Hal of Fame Game. This game is one of my personal favorites. We spend that Saturday listening to all of the speaches from those worthy individuals that enter the Hall of Fame and then move on to watch the game played on the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. This field holds 22,375 people and takes us back to the days when a $2 billion stadium was not a requirement for an NFL game.

The Vikings will start the season with the premiere NFL running back Adrian Peterson returning to the field after missing all but one game last season. He trained all off season with wide receiver Mike Wallace who was signe by the Vikings in March of this year. Wallace has moved from the Steelers to the Dolphins where the Offensive line was never able to give the speedy Wallace time to get down the field. Wallace worked with Peterson building that speed and strength running four hours a day in the heat of Houston.

The key to the Vikings' season will be young quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. With Peterson a threat to break a big run, opposing defenses will have to keep more players in the box. If Bridgewater has learned from his rookie season he will finally enjoy the presence of Adrian Peterson. This combination of Bridgewater, Wallace and Peterson could make the Vikings a force to be reckoned with in 2015.

The Steelers find themselves in the unusual position of needing help on defense. They start by losing Legendary Defensive Genius Dick LaBeau as he moves on to become the Assistant Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans. LaBeau is replaced by Keith Butler. Trou Polamalu is gone as is Ike Taylor. The Steelers start training camp with 14 linebackers.

The Steelers are a question mark at running back as LeVeon Bell (RB) is currently set to sit the first four games of the season. Behind him is his pot smoking buddy LeGarrette Blount (RB). Blount will sit the first week as he was arrested in the same incident with Bell. Wide Receiver Antonio Gates will again be Ben Roethlesberger's go to receiver.

The big question in this game will be Adrian Peterson. How quickly will he start after sitting 15 games? How much better will Teddy Bridgewater play with Peterson freezing the defense? And how well will the brand new defense of the Steelers stand up to the triple threat of Bridgewater, Wallace and Peterson?

Check Us Out

We posted our pre season week one predictions on April 13th. Log in (register first if you have not already done that) and go to predictions. Record our predictions and check our results after the first week of pre season.

Brady Guilty

Tom Brady receives a four game suspension. The team loses a first round pick next year and a sixth in 2017. In addition the team will pay a $1 million fine.


Tom Brady refused to five the investigators access to his cell phone. This goes to the core of the NFL. The idea of cooperating in any investigation is so vital to the NFL that it is in the bylaws.


Hillary Clinton would not release her mail server and she was the Secretary of State.


There were two psi measuring devices used by the officials. Theses devices did NOT report the same pressure for the same ball measured at the same time. The varriance between the two measuring devices was as much as 1/2 psi. Referee Walt Anderson DOES NOT REMEMBER which gauge they used at half time.


Even if they had used the high reading guage before the game and the low reading guage at half time, that would only account for 1/2 psi varriance.


The Patriots were considered a repeat offender after they were found guilty of video taping the New York Jets defensive coach signals. This has more impact than most fans want to admit. NFL teams rarely get into this kind of an investigation. And when they do the impact is often huge. Case in point, the New Orleans Saints Bounty Gate in which the Saints were found guilty of paying for injuries to the other team. The penalties in this case were huge and virtually took the Saints out of the game that year. In any event the NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent said that the earlier incident DID affect his judgement in this case.


The acts that were perpetrated in the two separate events were handled by differenct individuals so the idea of a repeat offender is somewhat diminished.

NFL Coaches

When the NFL started the NFL channel, everyone in the television industry knew that (like all media providers) the biggest problem with a new television network filling the time. But the NFL has done a great job of filling the time. When necessary they can always show an old game. One of their favorite tricks (pioneered by ESPN) is to take a good interview or clip and cut it into every show they produce. In that way a good five minute interview can constitute up to two hours of the 24 hour day by the time it is shown in every edition of every show that day. And the only people that notice are people like myself that watch almost everything that has the three letters "NFL" in the title or description.

There is one set of clips that you should try and catch. I have seen some of it on NFL AM. I have seen some of it on NFL Total Access and other shows as well. This is a set of clips from an interview conducted by Andrea Kremer called "Coach Speak (The Rookie Year)". In this series Andrea sits with four head coaches and talks about whatever comes up regarding what it is like to be a Head Coach in the NFL for the first time. In the one that I am watching right now includes Bruce Arians, Marvin Lewis, Todd Bowles and Dan Quinn. I have searched for the interview as a show and can find no plans to air the entire interview. So keep your eyes open and watch any replay of these interviews. Bruce Arians talks about spending a lot of time in the hospital with migraines and other pressure base maladies when he tried to do it all at Temple. His blessing in the NFL was that he was thrust into the position in a short 12 hour window as Head Coach Chuck Pagano went into cancer therapy over night. Arians learned to delegate because he had no choice. That has made him an incredibly good Head Coach. Arians also talks about how damaging a staff member that is not in synch with the rest of the staff can be. Marvin Lewis talks about handling the media, quoting Bobby Knight regarding the press who said "Never complain, never explain."

So keep your eyes open and catch the cuts from this interview whenever you can. It provides an insight into what it is like to be a Head Coach both on and off the field.

Pre Season Predictions

The predictions for the Hall of Fame Game and Pre Season Week 1 games are posted. Log in if you have an account or register if you do not have an account. Get a jump on the 2015 season.

Chiefs Analysis

Today we release our analysis of the Kansas City Chiefs. Let us know what you think by emailing us at

Chargers Analysis

Navigate to Team Analysis to take a peek at my evaluation of the Chargers as we move through the AFC West this week. We will complete all 32 teams by the 2015 NFL draft. The Chargers enter their third year with the current coaching staff and have picked up Jacoby Jones and Stevie Smith to strengthen an already strong passing game. The big question mark with the bolts is rushing on both sides of the ball. They rank near the bottom rushing and defending the rush.

Team Analysis Begins

We open with an analysis of the Denver Broncos. Click on Team Analysis from the menu above. We will continue with one team a day finishing the league prior to the 2015 draft. Send your thoughts to

2015 Rosters Shaping Up

With a good portion of Free Agency settled and a fair amount of each team's CAP situation addressed, NFL teams are beginning to show us what they will look like in 2015. We will begin a team by team analysis and complete the entire NFL prior to the NFL draft. We have seen bold and sweeping moves from the Eagles and Chip Kelly while the 49ers have shrunk due to team moves as well as player moves including the retirement of a 24 year old player. Every team has made a move in the direction of what they believe to be the the form they want their team to look like based on what they have now and what is available in free agency. There have been coaching move aplenty, trades, waivers and huge free agency moves. We will begin with the AFC West and move through the league finishing just prior to the start of the draft. Send your comments to and we will post the best of these.

Roger Goodell - Fair and Balanced?

The commissioner has been dedicated to adding league punishment to players that have already been handed sentences by the courts systems. In fact he has handed down punishment to players that have had charges dropped by the courts. Jim Trotter made some good points on NFL Insiders last week as he pointed out that owners do not get the same treatment that players do. Owner Zygi Wilf was convicted of fraud, breach of fiduciary responsibility and violating the states racqueteering statutes. Said Judge Wilson: "I do not believe I have seen one single financial statement that is true and accurate. There was a consistent, pervasive method of removing funds so they would not reach the partners. "The bad faith and evil motive were demonstrated in the testimony of Zygi Wilf himself."

Greg Hardy is still in limbo after having charges of domestic violence dropped by the courts. There are nothing but rumors regarding his potential suspension from the league.

If the league feels that they must pile on punishment that has already been levied by the ACTUAL justice system then there should at least be an attempt to be quick and consistent.

NFL Off Season Action

The NFL truly has a never ending season. The league now has a veteran combine that has just been completed. We have already had the college combine as we await the draft. The owners are now in league rules meetings where the most impactful decisions are made. Most of the coach changes and free agency decisions have been made although there are many excellent players still available on the free agency market. Every team in the NFL has an additional $10 million added to their CAP money by rule so they all have more money to spend as they all scramble to put together a better team through both addition and deletion. Parity is reality in the league as the teams with the worst records pick early in the draft and are first in waiver wire opportunites as well. It all just gets better and better. Keep checking with us daily as we do our best to record every trade, injury and general news item for every player and every team.

Chip Kelly

One man has taken the spot light during free agency this year. And he is not a player. Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly has kept all the analysts busy from the opening of the NFL trading season. Everyone wondered why he traded away LeSean McCoy. Then we all wondered why he would trade Nick Foles for Sam Bradford. But when the final pieces in the puzzle begin to snap into place it turns out that Sam Bradford was a big factor in signing Demarco Murray. The Eagles now have the 2014 leading rusher and a quarterback that may finally get healthy and show the promise that caused the Rams to sign him to a six year $86 million contract in 2010. Bradford is a low mileage veteran now and Murray is a proven commodity with knowledge of the division rival Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles also now have a three back offense which means that their extreme hurry up offense will be able to run fresh for the entire game while the rush defense of their opposing teams will begin to fail as early as the end of the first half and again in the start of the fourth quarter. If Bradford can return to his college form he should be able to pick apart a weary opposition defense at the end of the game.

Free Agency Opens at 4PM Today

Monday was a bit of a slow down after the signing frenzy over the weekend. It is almost as if everyone stopped to take a breath before the start of the "signing season" starts today at 4PM.

The three day window for talking to players in free agency saw a lot of activity over this past weekend. At 4 PM tomorrow that windows closes and the actual free agency trading window opens. Hundreds of millions of dollars flew around all weekend as NFL teams solified deals with existing players before the free agency trading frenzy begins.

Franchise Tags Set

Several players got the franchise tags this week. Dez Bryant, Justin Houston, Demaryius Thomas, Stephen Gostkowski and Jason Pierre-Paul were tagged yeesterady. Demarco Murray did not get tagged and as a result of that should be a hot commodity on the open market. Ndamukong Suh, DeMarco Murray, Devin McCourty, Jeremy Maclin, Julius Thomas, Randall Cobb, Andre Johnson, Darnell Dockett and Jacoby Jones are the stand out players that did not get the tag. Each of them will be targets for teams throughout the league.

Off Season Moves Begin

There will be a lot going on in the next few weeks. We have the Combine squarely in our sites as college players throughout the country preparing to show their skills. Coaches are moving from team to team and from position to position. Free Agency has begun with some surprising players up for grabs. The CAP for each team will undergo close scrutiny as teams decide what they cannot do without and then deciding what they will have to give up in order to keep what they must have.

This is the period during which teams will create the tools they have to work with next year. Every General Manger is going through their list of players and coaches with an eye toward what they can pick up in the draft and in free agency. This is the time that teams are built. After that we will move to team practices to build what they can with what they have.

The list of players that are available in Free Agency is full of tried and trusted athletes that are available with some teams having to release valuable assets in order to stay under the CAP and others grabbing them up to improve at positions they need help with.

We will do our best (as we have for years) to keep you informed on these valuable moves. Check with us daily to stay aware of your team moves and roster changes. And don't forget to register and log in to get full access to your team information.

Ed Sabol Passes

Ed Sabol was a ground breaking journalist. He single handedly created NFL films. NFL films created a treasure trove of film recording the great players and teams of the NFL. Few people in any regimen have made such a mark in their life's work. He never flinched at obstacles. He will be missed but never forgotten as we will be watching his work for decades to come.

Super Bowl XLIX Teams Are Set

We see the Patriots playing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl after two great Conference games. The Seahawks made a miracle comeback to beat the Packers 28 - 22 in over time. The Colts never had a chance as the Patriots pulled to a 14 - 0 lead at the start of the game and continued to pull ahead throughout the game. The Super Bowl opens with a line of 0 and an over under of 49. I have the game at 26.50 to 26.52 so I agree with the line. We have two weeks to change our minds 15 times as we listen to the talking heads. This game will put the leagues number 1 scoring offense (Patriots) against the leagues number three defense against the score (Seahawks.) The Sehawks are the number one rushing offense while the Patriots are the number 16 defense against the rush. The Patriots are the number 5 passing team while the Hawks are the number 3 defense against the pass. Both teams are excellent at not turning over the ball and they are 31 and 32 in penalties.

Pro Bowl Officials

All the teams are sending their best TEAM to these games while the officials are sending a Pro Bowl style "team" to the finals. These games are NOT a show case for officials. They should be sending the best TEAM of officials to the playoffs as well. The calls have been horrendous for such important games. If you agree tweet out #NoProBowlRefs.

Conference Finals

The Packers beat the Cowboys yesterday 26 - 21, while the Seahawks beat the Panthers on Saturday 31 - 17. This line opens with the Seahawks a 7 1/2 point favorite with an over under of 47. Aaron Rodgers has a calf tear that was at times visible. From a play standpoint it was very clear that he was not straying from the pocket at all. The Packers are the number 2 scoring offense in the NFL while the Seahawks are the number 1 defense against the score.

The Colts beat the Broncos 24 - 13 while the Patriots beat the Ravens 35 - 31. In this matchup we see the number 3 offense (Colts) facing the number 4 offense with no line posted this morning. I have the game Colts 26 and Patriots 31. Patrick Chung received a new contract last week and is earing it. Both teams are in the top 6 penalties teams ranking 28th (Colts) and 31st (Patriots.) Last year the Patriots beat them 43 - 22 in the Division Finals and this year they beat them at in Indianapolis 59 - 24. The Colts are the number 1 passing offense in the NFL while the Patriots are number 7. They are 21st (Colts) and 24th (Patriots) defending the pass. We should see some big numbers this week.


If you really follow the NFL you need to keep one eye on the playoffs and one eye on the coaching moves. Check the coaches tab at the top of this page or the Daily News on the right to see just how many interviews are taking place. There are five Head Coaching jobs open and a Offensive Coordinator and a Defensive Coordinator job open at this point. There will undoubtedly be more as the playoffs continue. These key positions will determine the path of those teams. And now is the time to start looking at college players that will be heading to the combine. And, of course, free agency is not far away either. We will keep you update on all of these moves.

Rex Ryan HEAD COACH of the JETS apparently impressed owner Arthur Blank (Owner). He had a five hour interview with the Falcons and will be called back as a finalist. Rex is an interesting choice since the Falcons seem to need a steady hand on offense, which is not Ryans strong suit.

Mark Davis OWNER of the RAIDERS openly admits that he knows what he does not know. He has brought in former Head Coach John Madden to help with the interview process.



The Panthers beat the injury riddled Cardinals 27 - 16 to move into the Division Playoffs, while the 2014 Super Bowl Champion Seahawks play their first playoff game of the year. Week 8 of this year the Seahawks beat the Panthers 13 - 9. The Seahawks are the number 1 defense against the score, the number 1 defense against the pass and the number 3 defense against the rush. The Panthers will have their hands full as they are rated number 15 scoring, number 18 passing and number 11 passing. Their is no line posted this morning but I have this game Carolina 19 and the Seahawks 25. The line opens on Monday with the Seahawks an 11 point favorite with an over under of 40. The Panthers will not beat the Seahawks with the rush but with their much improved offensive line will let them rush to pass. And, of course, they have to face the fourth team of the Seahawks. That would be the stadium and fans. Star Lolulelei broke his foot and is out for the playoffs.


The Ravens beat the Steelers to move forward from the Wild Card weekend, while the Patriots will play their first playoff game of the season. In their last meeting, Week 16 of the 2013 season, the Patriots beat the Ravens 41 to 7, but the Patriots lost to them in the Conference Finals of 2013 28 - 13. As you may recall the Ravens went on to win the Super Bowl. No line is yet posted but I have it Ravens 25 and the Patriots 30. Statictically they are fairly matched with the Ravens the number 8 scoring offense and the number 6 defense against the score, while the Patriots are the number 6 scoring offense and the number 5 defense against the score. Julian Edelman is working hard to get on the field, taking extra practice with Tom Brady (QB).


The Cowboys pulled it together late in the game to win a come from behind victory over the Lions beating them 24 - 20 to move into the Division Finals of the 2014 NFL Playoffs. This game was marred by an interference call against the Cowboys that was picked up with no review. This would have resulted in a first down for the Lions. On the ensuing punt the Lions kicked a 10 yard punt. This should be an offensive battle as the Cowboys are the number 1 offense and the Packers are the number 2 offense. They last met Week 15 of the 2013 season as the Packers beat the Cowboys 37 - 36. This will be all about Demaro Murray (RB) and Aaron Rodgers (QB) as they face each other in Green Bay. No line is posted as of yet but I have this Dallas 28 and Green Bay 32. The opening line is Packers -6 with an over under of 53. Rodgers is hurt and not discussing how badly. He is NOT happy with their playoff efforts to date. Aaron Rodgers is not practicing this week and may be limited this week.


The Colts beat the Bengals 26 - 10 to move to the division finals as they must now travel to Mile High Stadium to face the Denver Broncos. In their last meeting the Colts los to the Broncos Week One of this year 31 - 24. The Colts are the number 3 offense while the Broncos are the number 4 offense. Indianapolis is the number 1 passing offense at this point while the Broncos are the number 4 passing offense. We should see some big numbers in this game as Peyton Manning (QB) and Andrew Luck (QB) square off. As Peyton faces his old team the Broncos bring the 2nd best defense against the rush to the game and the 5th best takeway record to the table. This Monday morning there is no line posted but I have the game Colts 25 to the Broncos 30 points. The line opens with the Broncos a 7 point favorite with an over under of 54.


Detroit at Dallas

The Colts beat the Bengals 26 - 10 to move to the division finals as they must now travel to Mile High Stadium to face the Denver Broncos. In their last meeting the Colts los to the Broncos Week One of this year 31 - 24. The Colts are the number 3 offense while the Broncos are the number 4 offense. Indianapolis is the number 1 passing offense at this point while the Broncos are the number 4 passing offense. We should see some big numbers in this game as Peyton Manning (QB) and Andrew Luck (QB) square off. As Peyton faces his old team the Broncos bring the 2nd best defense against the rush to the game and the 5th best takeway record to the table. This Monday morning there is no line posted but I have the game Colts 25 to the Broncos 30 points.

Cardinal at the Panthers

This game opens with the Panthers a six point favorite with an over under of 38. The eleven and five Cardinals travel to the seven and nine Panthers. Both teams are the reflection of their division. The Cardinals are in one of the toughest division in the NFL and have lost their top quarterbacks, while the Panthers are in the worst division in the NFL and are playing a quarterback (Cam Newton) who is recovering from a car collision that broke some of the tranverse of his back. The Cardinals play a tough defense and are the fifth defense against the score. The Cardinals will start Ryan Lindley.

Ravens at the Steelers

T10 and 6 Ravens travel to the 11 and 5 Pittsburgh Steelers who as a 3 point dog, over under - 47. Both can score as the Ravens are the number 8 scoring offense while the Steelers are the number 7 scoring offense. The Ravens, however are the number 6 defense against the score while the Steelers are the 18th against the score. Big Ben makes the Steelers the number two passing offense in the NFL while the Ravens are 23rd defending the pass. The Steelers won their last three games to gain this spot won four of their last six game losing to the Chargers by only one point. Troy Palamu (SS) will play according to defensive gneius Dick LeBeau. LeVeon Bell (RB) has still not tested his knee on the field. Josh Harris will likely be the running back in this Wild Card game.

Rookie James Hurst Starts

James Hurst will start at linebacker this week which will make things easier for Big Ben. This could be a major factor as the Steelers may have to rely on the pass as they will start rookie Josh Harris.

Bengals at the Colts

The ten and six Bengals travel to the eleven and five Colts. The Colts are a four point favorite with an over under of 49. Anrew Luck makes the Colts the number one passing offense in the NFL, while Andy Dalton is still trying to make his statement in the NFL. This game all depends on which Bengal team shows up. The Colts are very consistent in their performance, the Bengals not so much. Without Ahamad Bradshaw and with Reggie Wayne struggling through injuries the Colts have lost their offensive power. The Colts totalled more than 400 yards in each of their first eight games. They have reached that mark only once in the next seven games. The Bengals will need good performances by Jeremy Hll and Giovani Bernard..

A. J. Green (LWR) and Jermaine Gresham (TE) are now listed as doubtful.

That would be a double hit to the Bengals offense. Between them they represent well over a hundred yards a game

The ten and six Bengals travel to the eleven and five Colts. The Colts are a four point favorite with an over under of 49. Anrew Luck makes the Colts the number one passing offense in the NFL, while Andy Dalton is still trying to make his statement in the NFL. This game all depends on which Bengal team shows up. The Colts are very consistent in their performance, the Bengals not so much. Without Ahamad Bradshaw and with Reggie Wayne struggling through injuries the Colts have lost their offensive power. The Colts totalled more than 400 yards in each of their first eight games. They have reached that mark only once in the next seven games. A J Green has not yet been cleared from the concussion protocol so the Bengals are somewhat limited on offense as well. The Bengals will need good performances by Jeremy Hll and Giovani Bernard.

All Division Races Heating Up

AFC North

The most talked about division is, of course, the AFC North. All four teams have seven wins with the Bengals holding a tie to put them at seven and none half wins. The Steelers have to face the the Saints at home which is a tough game. The Browns have to face the Bills in Buffalo. The Bengals travel to Tampa Bay this week. And the Ravens face the Chargers in Baltimore. So this division is truly wide open.

AFC East

While the Patriots hold a two game lead in this division the Dolphins and Bills are only two games behind. The Jets are pretty much out of it for this year.

AFC South

The Colts are leading this division but, once again, the Texans are only two games behind.

AFC West

The Broncos are leading this division as expected, but the Chiefs and Chargers are just one game behind.

NFC East

The Cowboys and Eagles are tied for first with eight wins each. That tie will be broken this week as the Eagles travel to Dallas.

NFC North

The Packers lead this division but agains by only one game as the Lions are one behind. The Packers have a tough week as the Patriots are coming to Green Bay. The Lions have to face the division rival Bears in Detroit.

NFC South

This is the strangest division of all. Every team is well below 50%. Add to that the fact that Atlanta and New Orleans are tied for first so we know that a losing team will make the playoffs this year.

AFC West

This division holds the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks who have not faired well this year. They are tied with the 49er for second two game behind the division leader Cardinals.

Four Divisions All Tied Up

The NFC East is sees Week Twelve start with the Eagles and the Cowboys tied with seven games each. The Eagles had a chance to move ahead but lost to the Packers 20 - 53.

The AFC West sits with Denver and Kansas City tied for first as Denver was stopped by the Chiefs 22 - 7.

The NFC North has the Packers and the Lions tied with seven wins each as the Lions lost to the Cardinals.

The AFC North is all tied up with six wins for each team as the Bengals won and the Browns lost. Each team has six wins each but the Bengals have a tie to give them a tenous first place. That leaves the Steelers with a shot at the division lead as they face the Titans tonight on MNF.

The NFC South sees the Saints and the Falcons tied with four wins each as the Falcons beat the Panthers and the Saints lost another one to the Bengals

Damian in Green Bay

Paki in Green Bay

What is an island boy doing in below freezing weather?

Paki in Green Bay

Football baby!

Paki in Green Bay

Colts Over Giants on MNF

The only highlight for the Giants was the ring ceremony for Mike Strahan at half time as the Colts beat them 40 – 24. Andrew Luck (QB) threw 25 completions on 46 attempts for 354 yards and four touchdowns. Eli Manning (QB) had a good personal night throwing 27 completions on 52 attempts and two touchdowns. The numbers for each team were close to identical in almost every category. The Giants even had better red zone numbers. But the Colts were able to make their yardage pay off with scores while the Giants ended most drives with a punt. Luck now has now thrown for over 300 yards eight times this season and 17 times in his short three year career. This win gives the Colts a two game lead over the Texans to lead the division.

Denver New England

The loss to the Patriots this week could have a big impact on the pre-season as this win gives the Patriots an edge over the Broncos. The Patriots now have seven wins and two losses as the Broncos fall to six and two. The Patriots move into their bye week. Denver will face the Raiders in Oakland so they should be OK this week. When the Patriots return from the bye they face Indianapolis, Detroit, Green Bay, San Diego, and Miami. This will not be the easiest of paths. But the Patriots seem to have found all of their three configurations as the offense, defense and special teams are all playing well.

Half Way There

We reach the half-way point of the NFL season to find Denver and Arizona at six and one and Dallas and Detroit at six and two. We have the Eagles at five and two with five teams at five and three. Basically no team has taken control of the league. The division races are for the most part undecided as well.

The AFC East has the Patriots in first with six wins with the Bills one game behind. The AFC North has the Ravens and Steelers tied at five wins with the Browns and Bengals close behind with four wins each. The AFC South sees the Colts in first place with five wins with the Texans sitting on four wins. The AFC West is led by Denver with only one loss and the Chargers with three losses, which makes this the closest to a decided division at the mid-point of the season.

The NFC East turned upside down Week Eight as the Cowboys and Eagles lost and the Skins posting their third win. The NFC North could have been close to decided but the Lions won a close game in London last week to move them to first with two losses. The Packers relaxed their way into a good position but lost last week to the Saints and also took a hit to the roster as Aaron Rodgers pulled a ham string. They do have a bye week for the quarterback to recover. The NFC South seems to have no team that really wants to win the division. The Saints finally put together a good win as they beat the Packers last week 44 – 23 but that only gives them three wins. HOWEVER, that is enough to lead the division ahead of the Panthers who have three wins but Carolina has one more loss that the Saints. Now we come to the NFC West, perhaps the most perplexing division at the mid-point of the season. The Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks have lost three games this year as have the San Francisco 49ers. Arizona leads the west with only one loss.


London Game

It looks like a London team is in our sites. George Osborne, the British treasury chief, told the Evening Standard newspaper on Wednesday that the government will do whatever it can "to make this happen." So how many of you on the west coast will be up at 6:30 AM this weekend to watch the Lions take on the Falcons this weekend? Give me your input by emailing to


MNF – The Steelers played a good game but the three minutes at the end of the first half was way over the top. It all starts with a 44 yard field goal by the Steelers. After the kickoff the Steelers pinned the Texans on the twenty yard line. This was followed by a fumble by J. Worilds within their own red zone. The ball was recovered by S. Spence. But the next play was one of the most exciting plays of Week Seven. Ben Roethlisberger dropped back and handed off to Antonio Brown as he went in motion to the right. Brown then spins 180 degrees and heads to the left side of the field. In the replay it is clear that in Brown’s mind there was only one other player on the field. As Brown moved left so did Lance Moore. When you watch the replay with that in mind the play is very clear. As Moore breaks to the center of the end zone, Brown throws a laser right on the numbers to Lance Moore. Touchdown. After the kickoff, Ryan Fitzgerald threw an interception to B. Keisel. Yes that’s two turnovers in the red zone in a row! This time Antonio Brown was on the receiving end of the touchdown pass.

Peyton Manning

Peyton needed three touchdowns to break the all-time touchdown passing record. So what did he do? He threw four. It is a great accomplishment and is a record that will not likely be broken. Just how detail oriented is he? He had practiced the post touchdown celebration with his team mates. The little “spontaneous” game of keep away had been practiced beforehand. It was still fun to see.

Percy Harvin

This trade brings to mind the DeSean Jackson (WR) trade last April. After that trade I kept waiting to see what we were not told. It just didn’t make sense that the Eagles would trade away a player of Jackson’s talent. Jackson had come off a great year receiving 1,332 yards. So surely there was something terrible that we didn’t know about. But the second shoe never fell. There was talk of gang affiliation. But Jackson was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Long Beach, California. I’m not saying it is impossible go through life in the Greater Los Angeles area without picking up a friend or two that is a gang member, but odds are you will have a friend that is in a gang. And those allegations went away when Jackson vehemently denied in a press release through Adam Schefter – “First I would like to thank the Eagles organization, the Eagles fans and the city of Philadelphia for my time in Philly. I would also like to thank Coach Andy Reed for bringing me in. Secondly, I would like to address the misleading and unfounded reports that my release has anything to do with any affiliation that has been speculated surrounding the company I keep off of the field. I would like to make it very clear that I am not and never have been part of any gang. I am not a gang member and to speculate and assume that I am involved in such activity off the field is reckless and irresponsible. I work very hard on and off the field and I am a good person with good values. I am proud of the accomplishments that I have made both on and off the field. I have worked tirelessly to give back to my community and have a positive impact on those in need. It is unfortunate that I now have to defend myself and my intentions. These reports are irresponsible and just not true. I look forward to working hard for my new team. God Bless”

Now we have Percy Harvin released just two days before their Week Seven game against the St. Louis Rams in St. Louis. Harvin was listed as questionable in the St. Louis game any way so the timing was not as odd as it first seemed. The whole trade seems to be based on problems that Harvin caused in the locker room. He apparently punched Golden Tate which seemed to be confirmed when Tate appeared in a photo with a black eye. There are reports that he tried to fight others including franchise quarterback Russell Wilson. There was also a fight with Doug Baldwin during the last week of preseason. Seattle gets a conditional pick in 2015 as a part of the trade. They will also clear some CAP room and that is important as the Super Bowl Seattle Seahawks built the team on young talent and now that bill is coming due. The New York Jets gain an offensive weapon for young quarterback Geno Smith. Smith looked good in the Jets loss to the Patriots this week so Percy Harvin could make a big difference in the offense.

So this looks like another big trade that surprised us all but in the end makes sense to all concerned. The difference at this point is that so far as I can find Percy Harvin has not released a statement regarding the trade.

Cowboys Only Undefeated Road Team

The Cowboys are the only team undefeated on the road. The Cowboys did it the hard way last week (Week Six) beating the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks in Seattle (30 - 23), they won a close one Week Three in St. Louis as they beat the Rams 34 to 31. Their away streak started in Tennessee Week Two as the beat the Titans 26 to 10. Their only loss came at home as they started the season in their Week One home opener against the San Francisco 49ers 17 to 28.

NFC West Are Giant Killers

Four teams have only lost one game at this point in the season. They are the Cowboys who lost at home in their Week Two season opener against the 49ers 17 to 28. The Eagles also lost their Week Four to the San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco 21 to 26. The Broncos lost to the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks Week Three 2 to 26. The Chargers lost a close game in Arizona as they lost 17 – 18. So all of the undefeated teams were beaten by NFC West teams.

David at the Rebels Game

David at the Rebels Game

Penalty Analysis

In the first two weeks of the 2013 / 2014 season there were a total of 430 penalties for a total of 2,116 yards. In the first two preseason games of the 2014 / 2015 season there were 615 penalties for a total of 3,015 yards. So if you thought you saw a lot of laundry on the field this year you were right. Most of those additional penalties were for pass interference on both offense and defense. The league is serious about reducing the contact after five yards this year.

League Vice President of of officiating Dean Blandino said - "We expected it. I think there's an adjustment period for our officials, for the coaches and our players," Blandino said Thursday night on NFL Network's NFL Total Access Postgame. "When the regular season rolls around, I think everybody will be on the same page and I think you'll see those foul totals go down."

Aeneas Williams Meets With Police and Protestors

Aeneas Williams addressed an assemblage in St. Louis. Williams lives just 16 miles from the Ferguson area where protestors have gathered nightly due to the shooting of a young man by police just days ago. Williams gave a moving speech when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in August. He spoke to protestors and police alike. Williams is the Founder and Pastor of The Spirit Church of Ferguson, Missouri. His efforts will hopefully bring about a discourse between the police and the youth of the Ferguson area. Right now both sides are talking ABOUT each other instead of talking TO each other.

Week Three Preseason Predictions

Week Three preseason predictions are posted. If you already have an account log in. If not register and log in to take a look at our predictions for week three. We were 10 of sixteen last week against the line.

Check us out!

Week Two Preseason Predictions

The predictions for week two preseason are posted. Log in or register to view the predictions.

Ten For Six Preseason Week One

Preseason is not a good measure for my predictions but I did go 10 for 6 against the line. As we get closer to the regular season we should see better numbers and better results.

The Season is Here!

On Saturday night we got to see the incuctees to the Hall of Fame Game. I have one comment about the speeches. They need to get one of the producers from the Oscars. I appreciate that these guys are making the most important speech of their lives. But the early speakers ran so long that if you didn't record the next two shows after the ceremony show, you missed the last two inductees. I didn't really mind the long speeches. What I object to is the poor production of the show. I wanted to hear every word from every player.

Derrick Brooks

Derrick Brooks was named to 10 consecutive Pro Bowls. He and Warren Sapp are a rare pair as only one other pair drafted in the same year to the same team that made it to the Hall of Fame. A striking comment that Brooks made was that – “You are never, never in a position to toot your own horn. He also said that is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” I am afraid that humility is only observed in the NFL during the Hall of Fame Ceremonies. I am so tired of players saying that they made a great play. Son, you did what you wanted to do and you did it well. That is all you are allowed to say. History and the game itself will decide what is great. Derrick Brooks is one of the last men to understand those principles.

Ray Guy

He is the first punter ever inducted into the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Guy was ranked in the top four punters for nine consecutive seasons.

Claude Humphrey

Claude Humphrey went to six Pro Bowls while playing for the Falcons. He was never fortunate enough to play in a post season game but he personally was a great. Claude was with the Eagles when they won their first Super Bowl.

Walter Jones

Walter Jones was the first offensive lineman in Seahawks history to be selected for the Pro Bowl. He went on to make nine trips to the Pro Bowl in his career.

Andre Reed

It was a long road to the Hall of Fame for Andre Reed. He was in his ninth year of eligibility and his eighth year in the final voting for the picks. In thirteen of his sixteen seasons he caught at least 50 receptions. Played the most games ever for the Bills. Holds the team records for games played, caught the most passes for the most yards and is tied for the most points. He is third in career receptions in the history of the NFL.

Michael Strahan

He played the most games ever for the Giants. He is fifth in career sacks and went out on top playing his last game while winning the Super Bowl. Michael also holds the single season record for sacks (22.5.)

Aeneas Williams

He played for the Cardinals and Rams and was voted into the Pro Bowl both as a safety and as a cornerback. He and Eugene Robinson are the only two players to have more than 50 interceptions 20 fumble recoveries.

Eli Shooting for 70% Completion

Eli Manning (QB) of the GIANTS has dropped in percentage complete every year since 2010 when he threw his career high of 62.4%. Quarterback Coach Danny Langsdorf wants Eli to complete 70% this year. "It has not been done very often, so that is the ultimate goal," Langsdorf said, according to "I think it has been done eight or nine times, maybe? That is an impressive statistic in the history of the league. So that is what we are gunning for, that 70 percent."

So I read the above article on and it got me to thinking. Who HAS thrown for over 70% in the NFL? A quick check of the stats and it turns out that it was Drew Brees that holds the record for a single season completion. In 2011 Drew Brees threw a completion of 71.3%. In case you were wondering who holds the career high percentage of completion that would be 66.05% and that was done by Chad Pennington. From 2000 to 2010 Pennington threw 2,471 passes for 1,632 completions.

Not surprisingly his lowest PC was his first season with the Saints. Since then his consistency has been, well consistent. The Saints won Super Bowl XLIV in 2009 and Drew Brees had a completion percentage of 70.6%. This was his second best year for percentage.

Of current quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers is the King of Consistency holding a steady 65.8% from 2005 to 2013. Aaron Rodgers has thrown over 2,500 passes in NFL games throwing 2,955 times and completing 1,945 of those passes.

In 2010 the Packers won Super Bowl XLV. That year Aaron Rodgers threw a season PC of 65.7%.

So a season of over 70% is one hell of a good goal, but is seldom attained. So go for it Eli. Everyone needs a goal.

Denver Broncos Owner Steps Down

Last Cogent Decision

We have all thought about it.

Denver Broncos owner steps down from control of his own organization. From an article by Chris Wesseling - Owner Pat Bowlen is resigning control of the Denver Broncos, acknowledging that he is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. This must be the hardest decision for an individual to make. It must be incredibly difficult to decide that you are close to losing the ability to make good decisions, knowing that things are going to get even worse for your personal life.

I have been close to several people that have been confronted by Alzheimers. To watch the light slowly dim on your view of the world is so difficult. Our understanding of this terrible disease is only good enough to tell the victim what his / here future holds. There is little help for that individual and really little help for the family and friends and family. Kudos to Mr. Bowlen for taking this step.

He is the first owner to EVER win 300 games in his first 30 years as an owner. He brought Peyton Manning to the Broncos as one of his last moves as the owner.

These past few years have seen the NFL lose several owners. The draft pales in comparison to the difficulty in selecting a CEO for an NFL team. And remarkably they are some of the best business men in any industry. It is a difficult job and often has no relationship to the industry that gathered the money neede to run a sports franchise. I believe that their skills in business and their love of the team and the city in which the team resides is a magically combination that makes these great men automatically become a good fit for the job.

Good luck to you Mr. Bowlen as you transition into life with Alzheimers. May it be slow and gentle. Fight on sir!

Training Camp Open

Season Around the Corner

There are 12 days until the Hall of Fame Game, which is immediately followed by the preseason opener on August 7th.

Are you ready for some football?

Welcom to Tyler

We would like to send a shout out to Tyler. He is our newest registered member. Tyler is a key player at Nuxiba. Nuxiba is a leader in support center software. Remember, those of you that want to add a comment can send an email to We will publish it on the same day.

NFL Team to Los Angeles?

Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft both commented on the possibility of an NFL team in Los Angeles. After a panel on Thursday Night Football the commissioner was quoted on in a Marc Sessler article - "It still comes back to, 'Do we have the right solution in Los Angeles?' And that comes back to a stadium," Goodell said Thursday at The Beverly Hilton during a panel on Thursday Night Football. "Do we have a stadium that we feel can be competitive with the high-quality stadiums? I just came from San Francisco, from a ribbon-cutting for a new stadium (in Santa Clara) and we're excited about that and we're investing billions of dollars in creating those kinds of stadiums."

Robert Kraft was also quoted - Patriots owner Robert Kraft was on hand for the panel and told the room that league-wide "ownership is collectively very concerned that we don't have at least one team" in L.A.

"In the end, we want young people here branded to a team," Kraft said. "I know that Roger and I and a number of the owners who care about the long-term health of the NFL feel it's very important for our future to have at least one -- if not two teams -- in downtown L.A."

NFL Team In London?

In the same interview discussed above Robert Kraft was quoted - On the potential of launching a franchise in London, Kraft wasn't shy about setting a tangible goal for expansion across the pond.

"I can see the kind of reception we got there," said Kraft of New England's visit to the United Kingdom in 2012. "... I would not be disappointed, and I would also believe that we should work hard to try and have a franchise in London before the decade was out."

In the same interview Kraft was asked if he would like to own the new team in London. Kraft showed a bit of humor. Kraft opined that he would love it if the interviewer would try to influence the Commissioner to allow the Kraft family to own two teams. He told Alex Flanigan the they are the "New" England Patriots and would love to also be the "England" Patriots.

Team Analysis AFC West is available.

Analysis of the AFC West has been posted. Click on Team Analysis button from the menu above.

Team Analysis NFC West is available.

Analysis of the NFC West is available. Click on Team Analysis button from the menu above.

King James Returns

I know you have heard this already. But my take is that Cleveland has it coming to the town. Ever since 1996 when Art Modell took the Browns to Baltimore things have been tough. When LeBron left for Miami it was just more salt in the wound. Now the city gets him back. I am sure it is hard to find a resident of Cleveland that does not have a smile on his or her face today.

A big plus for the Browns is that it will take some of the light off of Johnny Manziel. If he takes advantage of this moment and gets his head down and begins to spend the hours in the film room that every rookie needs he will be one of the big winners in this move. If he attempts to compete with James for the spot light then it will be his biggest mistake. Now is the time to show that the attention has been coming to him rather than him looking for it.

Now if there was only a way to bring Josh Gordon along. There is so much these young stars can learn from LeBron. There is much to learn from his biggest mistakes. The media circus (an over used phrase but appropriate to this situation) that surrounded his move to Miami was a mistake. King James has learned from that experience and has risen above that approach.

Pay attention young Brown's players and learn from one of the brightest stars in professional sports.

Andre Johnson

The soft spoken big production wide receiver for the Houston Texans is on the horns (pun intended) of a delimna. He is making the money but is not going anywhere. The Texans are the perennial disappointment of the NFL. It is hard to blame the man, as he has tried to help management rebuild the Texans year after year. He definitely has the numbers as he was responsible for over 36% of Texans receiving yards. He exceeded 1,200 yards in five of the last six seasons.

This is a difficult problem for the Texans and Johnson to resolve. He is at the point in his career (34 years old tomorrow) that what is important to him is a ring. He watched as Matt Schaub went to Oakland and is left with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenan or Tom Savage to get the ball to him. You just can't blame the man for wanting a better shot at his peak. He will take a huge hit if he should retire ($10 million.) And there doesn't seem to be a team willing to step up since the Texans would need a first round draft pick.

Many of us have been in similar situations (though not with the same money on the line.) In a recent survey the overwhelming majority of Americans said that they prefer good people to work with over money. The difference is that there are only 64 number one wide receiver postions open in the entire world. In the end he will likely play for the Texans. Hopefully new Head Coach Bill O'Brien can pull this team together. Most before him have failed at that.

Josh Gordon Does It Again!

Josh Gordon (LWR) of the BROWNS caught me off guard this weekend. I had to read the article three times to convince myself that I was reading what I though I was reading. Gordon was arrested AGAIN for DWI. How can a man make the same of similar mistakes so many times. It has become a monthly affair. It is beyond shameful and hard to watch a man throw away every opportunity given him.

Welcome to Randall

Expect to see contributions from a new writer on www.SportsBookJunkies. Twitter handle of @randygo18, Randall is a very knowledgeable NFL fan and we expect to see many cogent comments from him. If you would also like to contribute your thoughts send an email to

Jimmy Graham Loses

Jimmy Graham lost his bid to be paid as a wide receiver. Perhaps he should not have posted his position as a tight end on his Facebook page.

Countdown Begins

It is just over a month until the Hall of Fame Game. We will see the Giants at the Bills. A New York battle in Ohio.

Welcome to Erwin

Erwin is a Steelers fan and a new member to Sports Book Junkies. Erwin is a Fantasy Football Fan and intends to use the information on Sports Book Junkies to help him pick winners this year.

The NFL Alters The Concussion Settlement

Before the start of the NFL 2013 season the NFL set aside money for retired players. The NFL aportioned $756 million for head trauma injuries. The money was meant to cover as many as 20,000 players.

On Thrusday of this week that agreement was amended. The amount was increased to $800 million. The increase adds $10 million for medical research and $75 million for medical exams. The NFL was motivated by a law suit initiated by retired players that has resulted in a media blitz over the past few years and massive changes in the rules of the game. The NFL has also added a program to teach young players from Pop Warner age on through their NFL career that teaches players how to tackle properly so as to avoid head injuries.

"This agreement lets us help those who need it most and continue our work to make the game safer for current and future players, "NFL executive vice president Jeffrey Pash said in a statement. He added: "We thought it was critical to get more help to players and families who deserve it rather than spend many years and millions of dollars on litigation."

New Officials

This from ESPPN - The NFL hired 13 new officials for the 2014 season and promoted three veterans to referee. First-year official Brad Allen will join the NFL as a referee from the Atlantic Coast Conference, where he has been a referee for the past nine seasons. Allen is the first to go to the referee position in his first NFL season since Tommy Bell in 1962.

Rookie Symposium

Yesterday began the Rookie symposium. The speakers were a whose who of men who had serious problems throughout their career. They all overcame those issues. Many do not. It is trite but true. Your life is more about what you do with problems and opportunities than it is about what comes your way.

The talk was about how to handle money, what to do in the off season and how to stay out of a car after drinking. Honestly, we all could benefit from the advice handed out at this annual event. Some of the speakers have overcome tremendous difficulties in their career. The men that listened and take the advice seriously will have better careers and better lives.

Chuck Noll Passes

One of the greats left us this weekend. Chuck Noll passed away at the age of 82. The legendary Noll won four Super Bowls and won 207 games. Prior to his arrival in Pittsburgh the Steelers had played in one playoff game in the teams 34 year history. And his team won those four Super Bowls in only six years. Noll is a Hall of Fame Coach.

Super Bowl 50

Yes that's right no more Roman numerals, at least for this one.

Super Bowl 50 Logo

Brandon Marshall

We hear all of the reports of altercations in the NFL. We hear stories of DUI's, wife abuse, burglary and yes, even murder. Brandon Marshall is a story of growth in every aspect of his life. It has not been an easy path for the big wideout. There have been injuries. There was the hamstring injury in 2011. There was the hip injury in 2013. There was the altercation in 2012 that sent his wife to the hospital as they both were in an altercation at 4AM in which he was accused of striking the other woman. (Who said that nothing good happens after midnight?) Marshall has had three hip surgeries. But through it all Marshall was fighting a deeper more pervasive problem. Marshall struggles with borderline personality disorder. There is treatment for this disorder, but it requires acceptance of the problem by the patient. This is not an easy admission for a man to make.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Oct. 8 2013 in advance of the Thursday, Oct. 10 game, Marshall told the crowd that “the perception is I struggle, I’m on medication, I’m still in groups. It’s not that. I went through something, and it was tough. I went through a program and it was effective for me. So now I feel like I’m living a healthy, normal life. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect. I don’t think I’ll ever be. But I have the tools I need to cope with my emotions.”

For this (and the wearing of bright green shoes) he was fined $10,5000.

We celebrate his continuing battle, with his acceptance of the problem and his support for others with the same problem. There are success stories in the NFL both on and off the field. This is one of the most significant to me. Thank you Brandon for your honesty, acceptance and the strength you show in your progress and support of the fight to help people with borderline personality disorder.

To hear it in his own words go to the link below.

In His Own Words.

Ray Rice

And now we get to see the other side of the issue. On February 22nd of this year, Ray Rice was arrested for simple assault for an altercation with his now wife at an Atlantic City casino. The charges have been upgraded from simple assault to aggravated assault. Videos are now being shared that show Rice attempting to drag his uncouncious girl friend from the elevator in which the altercation occured. Rice, his wife and attorneys will address the press for the first time since the incident today May 23 2014.

You can see the video at CBS Sports. It doesn't look good for the seven year veteran. Speculation is that he will at the very least receive a suspension from the NFL.

Alarming Video

Seahawks to the Whitehouse

The Seahawks got their visit to the Whitehouse yesterday. It is an honor that the Super Bowl Champions all look forward to. President Obama was his charming self with very appropriate and humorous comments on the players on the team, asking for media advice from the absent Marshawn Lynch and deciding to avoid giving the mike to the loquacious Richard Sherman. This is the last moment of vistory for the Seahawks as they begin preparation for the new season. They are perhaps the best candidate to repeat in recent history as most of the Championship team are returning.

Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII will be held in the new stadium in Minnesota. The stadium will not be completed until 2016. Minnesota plans a winter wonderland with lots of winter activities in and around the stadium. The announcement was made yesterday afternoon after the owners voted on the selection of a venue for the February 2018 Super Bowl. The new stadium will cost $1 billion dollars and was much needed if you recall the collapse of the roof in 2010. Five hundred million dollars of the stadium money is made up of public funds. This stadium will have a fixed roof which is a first such facility since Ford Field opened in 2002.

Next year's Super Bowl will be held in Arizona in the University of Phoenix Stadium. In 2016 the Super Bowl will be held in San Francisco at Levi's Stadium, the 2017 event will be held in Houston at Reliant Stadium which leads to Super Bowl LII in Minnesota.

Levi's Stadium is scheduled to open in August 2nd of this year with a soccer game and will host the 2016 Super Bowl. The 49ers will likely be the next event in the new stadium. The projected cost of this facility is estimated to be $1.3 billion. This venue will be the only outdoor stadium of the currently selected venues. Levi's Stadium will have a capacity of 68,500 and will have a natural grass field.

No Playoff Expansion In 2014

The owners have spoken. There will be no expansion of the playoffs THIS year. It will come, but not in 2014.

2014 NFL Draft Complete

Click on the draft menu item above to see the complete 2014 NFL Draft. This is available to all users and includes all of this years draft. We will continue to update the progress of these newest NFL players. We will post contract ageeements as well as the progress of these young men as the year goes on.

Team Analysis

We will begin the analysis of every team in the NFL as we add up all of the factors that come to bear at this time of the year. Every team has lost players to Free Agency, picked up veterans from Free Agency, coaching changes and additions to the team through the 2014 NFL Draft.


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Welcome New Members!

We especially wish to extend a welcome to Andrew Lobb, one of the top handicappers on the East Coast! Expect good information from Andrew as the season nears!

NFL 2015 Full Schedule Released

Greenbay at Seattle Opens the Season

The NFL released the entire schedule for the NFL 2014 season yesterday. Check out your team at The first game of the NFL regular season will be the Green Bay Packers at the Seattle Seahawks. That is a tough start for Aaron Rodgers and the Pack as the 12th man in Seattles makes for a difficult way to break in a new line up. It is hard enough to keep the new team working together without a crowd that regularly sets records for decibel ratings during the oppents offensive time on the field. Then, of course, is the fact that the Packers will be facing the number one offense in the NFL. The Seahawks defense only allowed 263 points all season.

Indianapolis Heads to Mile High Week One

The Colts, like the Packers, have a tough opening game. They will head to Denver to face the Broncos. Mile High is a tough place to play football. The Indianapolis team will have just completed training camp and four weeks of preseason football and will get a reality check on their fitness program. On the other side of the ball the Broncos will have to shake off their embarrassing performance in the 2013 Super Bowl. From the first offensive play of the game the Broncos struggled against the Seahawks. The best offense in the NFL turned over the ball twice on interceptions and twice on fumbles and could not break into double digit scoring. Orlando Franklin will move from tackle to guard so the offensive line is changing. For the Colts we will get a chance to see if Hakeem Nicks got the memo and will step up to play to his level. The Broncos were, of course, the number one offense in the League last year but the Colts were not far behind at 7th. On defense the Broncos were 24th and the Colts were 22nd. All in all this should be a good game for fans. There should be plenty of scoring.

NFL 2014 Preseason Schedule Released

The NFL has released the 2014 preseason schedule. There are a few interesting games on the horizon. We start with the Hall of Fame game (one of my personal favorites every year.) This year we start the season with the New York Giants at the Buffalo Bills. We will get to see the inductions into the Hall of Fame and the first action of the year. The Bills have picked wide receiver Mike Williams. Williams has had his share of trouble over the past year after getting misdemeanor charges leveled against him his brother stabbed him in his thigh. I am sure the Bills will get him on the field as soon as possible to see what they got when they signed him. They also picked up Brandon Spikes who has already challenged the Patriots tweeting "Great games on the schedule fpr 2014, but it is going to be like Christmas to hand the #Patriots #PatriotsNation a "L"... twice! #BILLSMAFIA"

The Bills are coming off a six win season and this year they lost their owner as the legendary Ralph Williams Jr. passed away in March at the age of 95. There may be some front office issues this year but his widow has been announced as the new owner which may help calm the waters. They will, however, be looking for a new owner.

Chris Johnson Gets A Look

Chris Johnson was released by the Titans after six conescutive years of 1,000 yard seasons. He is meeting with the Jets, Falcons, Bills and Dolphins. This is something we are seeing more and more as the big money goes to quarterbacks and more and more teams are platooning the running back position. The game has changed and is changing still. Every possible move has been made to make the exciting passing plays more prevalent in the NFL. We all love the big passing plays. But don't you miss the the power rushing game just a little bit? I know that I enjoy both sides of the offense. Many of todays fans do not realize that the forward pass was not even legal until 1906. The first legal forward pass was thrown by Bradbury Robinson on September 5th 1906. In 1913 Knute Rockney utilized the forward pass to beat larger teams utilizing their speed to bypass larger teams. Then in 1920 the specifications for the football changed it from a Rugby like ball to the modern narrower shape that made the pass easier and also gave us the spiraling punt, which diminished the importance and use of the drop kick. In 1932 the leading passing team was Green Bay with 639 yards on 37 completions. In 2012 the New England Patriots passed for 5,235 on 401 completions.

The forward pass is an obvious play that even a casual fan can understand. The ball leaves the quarterbacks hands and moves down field in the air to be caught by a player who is in space and easily seen. The rushing play is not as easy for the casual viewer to understand. The rush is usually hard fought for and involves understanding blocking schemes and all takes place in traffic. And a rushing play that gains the three yards needed for a first down is so important but once again is not as exciting to the casual fan.

The rushing play is the very foundation of the game of football and while we will never see it leave completely it will become less and less important in the NFL. It is the way of the world and these changes have been taking place for almost a century. And today's backs are paying the price as they are quickly traded and are getting less money (relative to other players.) So study passing schemes and secondary defenses and enjoy the few rushes you get as the trend continues.

NFL Draft

The NFL Draft begins this May 8th. Johnny Manziel had a great pro day which rocketed him into the number one spot at this point. Jadeveon Clowney is, of course, a candidate to go first in the draft as well. This year, more than most, it will be about the need of the team, the position in the draft and who is best at that point. The Texans will start the bidding as they pick first this year. There is a lot of pressure to go with Manziel and keep him in Texas but most experts have the Texans taking Clowney with their number on position. We will be posting the Combine figures this week to help you work out your picks.

DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson has been released from the Eagles with little explanation except for concerns about his gang affiliation and his possible effect on younger players. There just has to be more to this story than we are hearing now. Everyone knows the numbers for DeJax. His 2013 stats include 82 receptions, 1,332 yards and 9 touchdowns. Giving that up with nothing in return is a statement. And perhaps we are seeing some of that problem when he visits the Resdkins and the only picture posted was him in a night club with Wale (a rapper), Pierre Garcon and Deangelo Hall.


The Raiders have signed nine players aged 29 or older. And they would love to add DeSean Jackson to the list of new players. Matt Schaub (a Raider for less than a month) publicly announced that he would love to have Dejax on his team.

NFL Rules Changes

  • This change allows the referee on the field to consult with the command center in New York during a game. The hope is to increase the speed and accuracy of calls.
  • Raise the goal posts five feet.
  • Moving the extra point back to the 25 yard line.
  • Move the extra point back to the 20 yard line during ONE preseason game.
  • Moving the kickoff back to the 40 yard line.
  • Allow the review of a loose ball foul.
  • Allow a coach to challenge ANY official ruling.
  • Eliminate overtime from preseason games.
  • Place cameras on both goal lines, both sidelines and both end lines.
  • Keep the clock running on all sacks.
  • Raise the number of active players to 49 from 46 when the team is playing on a Thursday night.
  • Limit the size of the practice squad to 10 and allow more than one player to be added to the injured reserve able to return list.
  • Allow trades to occur prior to the start of the league year (March.)
  • Make the move from 90 to 53 players in one move instead of the move to 75.
  • Allow a team to open of close their roof at half time.
  • There will be an attempt to limit taunting.
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GAME STORY ARI @ NO -3.50 08/17/2018
GAME STORY BAL @ IND 2.00 08/20/2018
GAME STORY BUF @ CLE -3.50 08/17/2018
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GAME STORY SEA @ LAC -1.50 08/18/2018
GAME STORY SF @ HOU -1.50 08/18/2018
GAME STORY TB @ TEN -2.50 08/18/2018
PLAYER NOTE 08/14/2018 Khalil Mack (RDE) of the RAIDERS is still not signed and it appears that there is no progress on this front. We are beginning to hear trade talk around the league wth the Jets and Packers the most likely to sign him.